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  1. Wedding Song Suggestions
  2. Pag nadinig mo 'tong kantang 'to....it hurts you.
  3. The Last Song Syndrome
  4. who's your fave vocalist? (local/foreign)
  5. Anong song ang gusto mo Idedicate para sa mga barkada/kaibigan mo?
  6. if there's one song that could describe whatyoure feeling right now what would it be
  7. is there a dj in here?
  8. My Chemical Romance
  9. ano banda pinaka-ayaw mo? bakit?
  10. Church Musicians HERE!!!
  11. Christian Videoke/Karaoke
  12. for you, who is the best drummer alive today?
  13. Pano magtono ng cajon?
  14. JpOp & KpoP ^^.
  15. Wedding songs:choral arrangement
  16. Do you listen to 702 DZAS
  17. Ano Ang The Best Tagalog Rap Na Narinig Nyo......????
  18. Secondhand Serenade Or Dashboard Confessional
  19. Kung ihahalintulad mo ang sarili mo sa kanta..Anung genre ka??
  20. if there's one song that made you cry, what was it???
  21. Lumayo ka man sa akin with Laklak lyrics: Sino nakakaalam ng singer?
  22. Guitar talk. . .
  23. Guitar Tablatures Thread
  24. mga WOLFGANG fans....
  25. Sino Mas Magaling Para Sa Inyo: Slapshock, Greyhoundz, Queso or Chicosci?
  26. All Pop Piano Music Sheets here!!! :clap: by: AG
  27. Usapang METAL!!
  28. What are the Songs That Made You Cry?
  29. What can you say about Michael Jackson's Life and Career?
  30. ano ang pinakamalupet na banda para sayo? foreign or local...
  31. Bring Me The Horizon (band) [interisado ka?, pasok na..]
  32. Punk Rock, Punk Ska, Punk Pop, Hardcore Punk & Post Punk (post ur fave bands here)
  33. Chorale music sheets for church services.
  34. - Boston Engineering Guitar Effects -
  35. Audio remixes! na pang oto hindi pang jeep!
  36. Kpop
  37. secret messages in a backward played songs......
  39. What's the Most Annoying Song You've Ever Heard?
  40. PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: "Tha Official HIPHOP Thread".. (xclusive RAP beatz)
  41. history ng rap scene sa p.i.
  42. Violin sheet music
  43. help sa violin
  44. NU107's closure and its effects
  45. POLL: Elvis vs. Beatles vs. Michael Jackson: Who's side are you
  46. ano ang paborito mong genre?
  47. Violin
  48. Anong foreign bands/artists/singers ang gusto mong mag-concert sa Pinas?
  49. [TUT] How to convert songs to minus one
  50. Sino mahilig sa jrock or visual kei dito? :d
  51. Who is your Favorite Christian Bands??
  52. Hikari Sentai Maskman Tagalog Sound Tracks
  53. Pianist Official Thread
  54. Awitin mo at Dudugtungan ko..
  55. [UPDATE 02/10/12] Sungha Jung Tabs in PDF
  56. Story behind the song SPOLARIUM of ERASERHEADS
  57. [help]Debut song for girl. yung pang dance.
  58. [HELP] suggest me a better guitar lessons
  59. What songs do you listen to when you're sad?
  60. Ano pinapatugtog mo as in now?
  61. Sino ang idol mong gutiarista at bakit
  62. +++RECORDING (MUSIC and VIDEO)+++
  64. pdf... ANNIE LAURIE (Cedie Theme song) :)
  65. All about Fliptop... fanatics, pasok!(COMPLETE BATTLES as of 1/30/2015
  66. POLL: Sino Sa Tatlo --> Eraserheads / Rivermaya with Bamboo / Parokya Ni Edgar
  67. Eraserheads o Parokya ni Edgar?
  68. RNB music Lover ka ba? Share yoUr Fav. RnB MusiC SongS or PLayLiSt...... ;)
  69. Post Here Ur Fav. Alternative Rock Music..Share lng !.
  70. Katty Perry Songs Makes Me Happy
  71. Marunong ka ba maggitara? post na!
  72. Sa mga mahilig sa music production pasok!
  73. Best Songs To Sing in VIDEOKE
  74. Anong bago ngayon?
  75. Sino pong nakakalam ng kantang ito mga master please help..
  76. Reggae Music Fanatic Pasok!
  77. Simpleng CHords pambanat sa chickas
  78. Guitar's Problems FAQ's [Officially for Beginners]
  79. If given a chance,anong SONG ang gusto mong i-revive/remake?
  80. planning DIY GUITAR AMP!! NEED HELP.
  81. SoundCloud
  82. Para sa Mga Nagmamahal sa Bandang Grin Department
  83. Drummers (Beginners/Intermediate/Professional)
  84. Karaoke on PC : Sing With Series - The Set Up by RedMoajeJr
  85. guitarist resources(ebooks for guitar players)for beginners and professionals
  86. Post-Hardcore/Metal/Punk/Screamo/Grind/deathMetal etc.
  87. Para sa mga mahihilig sa rap/hiphop music check this out mga songs namin :))
  88. Tambayan ng mga mahilig sa musika.
  89. favorite EMO bands mo..post mo dito..
  90. Post the Title of Song that suddenly uplifts/motivates you
  91. mga idol sino alam to? Don't Know What to Say (Don't Know What To Do)
  93. favorite instrument niyo at bakit ?
  94. guitar tips-TESTED not for beginners
  95. FL Studio 10 Tutorials, Tips and Tricks
  96. Local bands
  97. Learn to Read Notes for Newbies ( #Keyboard )
  98. The Country Music Thread
  99. Don't buy songhits anymore...
  100. Everything about Virtual DJ, tara pasok lang