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  21. convert ebooks to repligo
  22. what's better .prc or .rgo??
  23. why twilight and its saga??
  24. suggest naman ng magandang novel na magandang basahin [please]
  25. favorite romance novel and why?
  26. about comic books
  27. if you like this author, try these other authors
  28. [NEWS] Dan Brown to Release his next Book: 'The Lost Symbol'
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  30. Suggestions naman po! PLEASE AND THANK U!
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  37. Hunger Games Update
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  44. filipino fiction readers.. pasok po!
  45. Chat/Discussion of books we've read, Book Recommendations/Suggestions...
  46. [TUT] Create an eBook or PDF from Wikipedia Articles for Offline Reading
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  48. How to make MP3 Audiobooks SEE in your iTunes and be in the proper FOLDER; AUDIOBOOKS
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  59. Kyobo Colored eReader from Korea with Mirasol Display
  60. which do you prefer candy or cosmo magazine?
  61. Lets talk about young adult books!
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  80. Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Fire HD
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