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  24. patulong mga bro!
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  31. help po "sana naman" ng shining inheritance
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  36. "help: nmn poh!
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  38. HELP needed about audio(mp3,m4a)
  39. Help rock music
  40. Hi Guys. . .ahmmm pa help nman aq . tvj albums 1-6 po enge po mf link plsss tnx. . .
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  42. how to use condenser microphone in pc
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  51. help po
  52. T.I. Ft Rocko - Cant Help It - 2010
  53. How to put lyrics on mp3 files
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  65. Usapang REMIX
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  70. [help]
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  79. background music pang drama.( who can help??)
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  82. mga master patulong naman po
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  85. tulong naman po plzzzzzz.............
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  87. pa help po
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  89. Pwede poh magtanung?
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