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  1. The Differences Between Men And Women
  2. Points To Ponder
  3. TO ALL THOSE WHO WERE BORN IN THE 1950's, 60's and 70's !!
  4. Amazing Facts
  5. Christian Ways To Reduce Stress
  6. Safety advice in NEw Years Eve
  7. Life is a Gift
  8. anong wish mo na talagang gustong gusto mo ng matupad?
  9. Dalai Lama Personality Test
  10. Totoong buhay ng Pinoy sa Amerika
  11. "I would not quit",He said
  12. Bawal Basahin Ang Nakasulat Dito!
  13. The Real History Behind the Dirty Finger
  14. Weird Things You Would Never Know/Fast Facts
  15. What Tree Did You Fall From?
  16. le sson s onl ife
  17. ~n.a.m.e.s~
  18. What are the colors of your heart?
  20. Random Thoughts
  21. ~Critical Mind:Part 1~
  22. ~Critical Mind Part 2:Is Happiness A Choice?~
  23. muslim diskriminasyon
  24. Reality Bites... :(
  25. Never Give Up: A Good Example
  26. Don’t Complain!
  27. The Little Dog....
  28. Pilipino Ka ba Dali Basa!
  29. Post your ways to Stop Global Warming
  30. Kasabihang Sinauna
  31. how to hynotize a man
  32. The Little things
  33. 7 Terrible Abuses Suffered By Women Around The World
  34. Girls are Complex Creatures
  35. Imagine A World without Filipinos (ArabNews excerpt)
  36. 5 Philosophies in life
  37. about life
  38. Global Warming, What will happen in the future.
  39. Top 10 Most Spoken Languages In The World
  40. LoLaQ : AdiK !!!
  41. The Dead Republic and the "Taong-gala"
  42. Tayong mga Pilipino ba'y may taglay talagang isip-alimango? (CRAB MENTALITY)
  43. Katipunan Code on Bonifacio Monument deciphered by PINOY RADICAL
  44. Today is the International Left handed day
  45. ..pede po bang pa request ng epic.?
  46. online bullying
  47. Graduation Intermission Song
  48. Celebrating 50 years of Cuban internationalism
  49. pwera bastos
  50. Discover the Philippine Jeepney
  51. To the lovely ladies I know.....
  52. Handbook 2009
  53. Bayan na ipinangalan sa makata
  54. Taxi driver na naging kongresista
  55. Dating OFW ang sikat na komedyante
  56. 9-araw na Bise Presidente
  57. 15 Holidays and their origins
  58. Buhay Pinoy
  59. Asset or Liability? [Katotohan ba...]
  60. Tau gamma phi!!!
  61. Tsuper ang sikreto ng Pag-asenso ng Pilipinas
  62. Filipinos are the 14th happiest people in the world
  63. Feeling gwapo/maganda
  64. Music of my heart...
  65. The Necklace’ and other sad story about honesty
  66. Paalam lola..
  67. Proposed New 500 Peso Bill..
  68. 18Great Facts in our Life...
  69. Signs That You Are A Filipino
  70. Order of DeMolay
  71. [Help] Pa translate naman po.
  72. Halloween Trick or Treat
  73. Anu-ano ang alam nyong Lingguahe?
  74. CEBUANOS LOUNGE!! Let's unite!! cHat in here!! Post!
  75. [R.S] A Purpose Driven Life CD 1-4 [EAC+Lame/VBR] [AUDIO]
  76. Need advice again, My Father Just Died (december 9,2009)
  77. Top 10 Biggest Mafias Around the world
  78. The History of the Universe in 200 Words or Less
  79. [REQ] Parlor games po para sa new year,yun pong bago ha,
  80. Are There Signs Of The Second Coming?
  81. _ano ang tingin ninyo sa mindanao?_
  82. Dollar
  83. Ten Tips For a Romantic And memorable Valentines Day
  84. Understanding Sleep and Dream...
  85. advice poh..guilty pa ako nito..!:weep:
  86. Batang 90's ka ba? Gen-X
  87. BISDAK thread (united as one-tulungan)
  88. Alam nyo ba ang JejeMon??.
  89. JEJEMON ka ba o hindi? pasok na para malaman kung JEJEMON ka nga!
  90. JeJemons
  91. Sa mga boboto sa May 10 - Click here
  92. The 2012
  93. New World Order - The Devil in the Vatican
  94. Sisters of Mary School alumni Pasok
  95. I need batanggenyo words
  96. Sick Blog About the Philippines
  97. Anong Benifits Makukuha sa Fratternity?
  98. The Filipino Today
  99. Please do read!!!!
  100. Being a Muslim woman