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  1. A Child's Ten Commandments to Parents
  2. A Child's Ten Commandments to Parents
  3. Lessons Learned
  4. top 5 kung bakit the best si nanay...
  5. Nakaka-miss at sarap maka-relate sa mga ito...
  6. A Bliss Of Solitude!!!
  7. Bakla o tomboy?
  8. Bakla o tomboy?
  9. 7 babies born, 1 mom
  10. Generation Y wala atang kwenta
  11. Mga kasinungalungan nina itay at inay
  12. Parent's Wish
  13. Pangarap ko
  14. soon to be broken family...
  15. Why Do Families (And The World) Lack So Much Love?
  16. Im Home
  17. Help me please I'm confused...
  18. nasamid at biglang nakagat dila - me nakalala daw sau?
  19. This is beautiful! Try not to cry.
  20. 6 Steps to Spending More Time with Your Family
  21. Sumbong-sumbong ng bongang-bongang sumbongero
  22. Hindi Maiiwasan toh
  23. Baby do's and don't's
  24. I want to be...Complete
  25. Kawawang Mga Bakla by Sweet Lapuz
  26. Maling salita
  27. meron ka bang DARK SECRET sa buhay mo?
  28. Naniniwala ba kayo sa hula?
  29. kakulangan ba sa buhay mag asawa ang walang anak?
  30. 10 Cases of Fetal Abduction in the US
  31. 10 Extraordinary Tales of Extraordinary Twins
  32. To all the women, read this
  33. Single mothers club (smc)
  34. wat would you do if u found out that ur dad was cheating on ur mom?
  35. 10 Extremely Lucky Suicide Survivors
  36. Top 10 Best Rappers Turned Actors
  37. Heart to heart with a friend
  38. Pebbles and Sand
  39. An Inspiring Story
  40. Anong magandang ugali na namana mo...
  41. Kabataan Pag-Asa Nga ba ng Bayan?
  42. To Debate with your Mate..........
  43. Do you think its ok for other to discipline your siblings or your own child?
  44. Paano if nalaman mo na ampon ka pala?
  45. marriage counsilling in the phillipines
  46. Pregnant (6 twins)
  47. aNung gagawin mOh kUng ung taTay mOh my kinaKasamaNg ibang babae??
  48. A must see video clip: ( for those who love or hate their father)
  49. Bakit mas tanggap ng lipunan ang tomboy kesa sa bakla?
  50. Sibling Rivalry..
  51. CAREER vs FAMILY (priority)
  52. What's your reaksyon if ang inyong anak ay bakla/tomboy?
  53. magandang bangko:help:
  54. I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
  55. Love the One Who Wears Your Ring
  56. Two Choices
  57. Watch this simple story
  58. Name for the New Baby?
  59. The Place Where My Heart Is
  60. The Making of a Good Mother
  61. Saving the Best for Last
  62. My Father Didn't See Me Grow Up
  63. Keeping My Hopes and Dreams Alive
  64. The Race of Our Lives
  65. refills for bean bag
  66. Making Relationship Work - A Decision to Make
  67. Marriage - Open Both Eyes Before, Close One Eye After
  68. Mom..
  69. the octuplet's mom
  70. Dad at 13 Years Old
  71. Confused...
  72. Mother's Love.....
  73. Mga kuya at ate 2long nman po!
  74. How Unique are the Women
  75. How should I raise my daughter?
  76. Security Reminders
  77. For Marriage to Work – It Only Takes a Forgiving Heart and a Responsible Partner
  78. Marriage – Why Fix If It’s Not Broken?
  79. Disagreement – Learn to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable
  80. Marriage is a Union of Two Forgiving Partners
  81. “Perfecting” an Imperfect Marriage
  82. Tired of Dealing With Your Truculent Teens—Let Me Share My Experience
  83. Wanting to Have a Successful Love Relationship But Don’t Know How? - Try Not to Fall
  84. Please Help on Building a House? Mga Engr and archi diyan...
  85. Top 10 Bizarre Cases of Mass Hysteria
  86. Top 10 Toys Parents Dread
  87. 10 More Toys Parents Dread
  88. ano GaGawin mo Kung..... merong iba ang nanay mo?
  89. nanny hurting an innocent child
  90. 21 Big Lessons From Little Kids
  91. single working mothers
  92. How to Be More Emotionally Present to Your Family
  93. Dedication to your moms.. post them here..
  94. totoo ba???
  95. na expirience niyo na ba toh?
  96. twinkies and rootbeers
  97. A little girl and her dad
  98. [HELP][List of Arrival in Philippines]
  99. Should a woman abort her baby if she's not ready?
  100. Win A 5k cash nd Baby High Chair join Free Baby Photo Contest !!!!!