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  1. Teen Parents
  2. Filipino Recipes
  3. Aftermath of a Broken Home
  4. A teen's role (A child's role)
  5. Man's Reaction
  6. Know the Alphabet... hehehe
  7. Humor about Marriage...
  8. Your Birth Order Characteristics
  9. Little and large twins amazing survival
  10. Joy of the Family
  11. Line to Heaven
  12. Other Woman/Man
  13. The Baby Tickers
  14. Your Family
  15. Psychological Test
  16. World's oldest father has 21st child at 90
  17. Super Dad Wants to Have 100 Children
  18. worth reading....
  19. Why Children Are Adorable?
  20. every teenager's "little black book" on how to get along with your parents
  21. why the wedding ring is placed on the fourth finger...
  22. Naway Magising Ang Mga Sakim Sa Ginawa Ng Batang Ito..
  23. Living Apart..Together
  24. Thank You Mom!!!
  25. BASUREROS from Cebu..
  26. To those who are married ... not married ... and soon to be
  27. Love your Parents
  28. How to be friends with your parents?
  29. GIRLS: How to Bring Home a Guy You Know Your Parents Will Hate?
  30. Sulat ng isang Teenager sa kaniyang ama.. (very heartbreaking..)
  31. WIFE VS. HUSBAND (JOKE lang)
  32. Before they call, I will answer.
  33. Did I Marry The Right Person?
  34. Why Do Families (And The World) Lack So Much Love? Mostly, It's Because...
  35. Everytime na aalis,usually.. anong salita ang binibitawan mo?
  36. Mayonnaise Jar
  37. Healing Hands
  38. ang mga payo ng magulang..
  39. want 2b happy? simplify ur life....
  40. Extended Families
  41. palagay mo na d ka mahal ng parents mo pero mahal pala kau ng parents mo
  42. Childhood Experience Influences Mood
  43. Kambal na pinaghiwalay ng Tadhana, Muling Nagkita at Ikinasal..
  44. when it's late to see what you've needed to do
  45. Pinakabatang Ina!!! Only 5 Years Old!!!
  46. The Secret to a Lasting Marriage: Embrace Imperfection
  47. What baby are you?
  48. Signs Of A Healthy Family
  49. How To Recognize A Gifted Child
  50. Loved Kids Have Higher IQ
  51. Do You Say I Love You To Your Dad?
  52. The Wedding Test
  53. How to
  54. Family Life
  55. Family Fun Facts for Facts Interested Person
  56. Teaching good values since childhood
  57. kawawa naman!
  58. Before and After Marriage
  59. 21 Rules of Life
  60. life story
  61. Eight White Lies of a Mother
  62. Contract for a maid or nanny?
  63. Is it really wrong to talk back to your parents?
  64. i love my parents!:kiss:
  65. Ano masasabi niyo? Lalaki, nabuntis!
  66. Co nf e ssi o N
  67. Meet the World's Tiniest Girl
  68. Priceless words.
  69. Guy Degrade Filipina's Online.
  70. Financial Infidelity
  71. Anong gusto nyong pangalan?
  72. dadi na ata ako?! help me mga dude
  73. Yes! You're the Mom
  74. Always tell someone that you love them..
  75. Father & Son : A LOVES STORY
  76. Top 15 Tips for Spotting a Liar
  77. 28 million women at risk of unwanted pregnancy
  78. Do you feel that...
  79. Touching story for parents with their children
  80. Breast implant record
  81. Does This Story Make You Cry?
  82. calling all moms!!!!
  83. What a Home Theater System!
  84. A child's obligations
  85. Top 10 Secret Recipes
  86. 10 Recipes with 3 Ingredients or Less
  87. Top Tips for Frugal Living
  88. Top 10 Tips for Great Home-cooking
  89. Top 10 Incredible Food Facts
  90. 10 Cool Geek Gadgets for the Kitchen
  91. Top 30 Spots for Bacteria in the Home
  92. This is How we Miss out Something Called "LIFE"
  93. hiding in the family...
  94. Mum's Love
  95. Happy Fathers Day!
  96. I need your opinion guys.....
  97. family?!?!?
  98. 10 ways to get a better price for your house
  99. 7 Terrible Abuses Suffered By Women Around The World
  100. First things first in having a baby! :help: