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  1. Sagot ba sa youth crime/juvenile deliq ang pagpapababa ng edad ng mga dapat parusahan
  2. double registered of birthcertificate in NSO
  3. Question> Civil Service
  4. NATIONALISM,PATRIOTISM nasa pusot damdamin ba talaga ni dilg sec JESSE ROBREDO
  5. DILG Usec. Puno in hot water for "alleged" raid of Robredo's office.
  6. Noynoy hit for spoiling BI’s anniversary celebration
  7. Government rename's coast as West Philippine Sea’
  8. pwede po ba magpagawa ng research paper about rh bill?
  9. Paano po magaaply ng lto licence, ?
  10. RA10175: Cyber Crime Prevention Act
  11. help po!!!! No permit na karinderia kanino dapat ireklamo
  12. Manila has worst 'branding' among Asian cities, says study
  13. Enrile vs Trillanes
  14. TRILLANES VS ENRILE [sinong mas pinaniniwalaan mo?]
  15. Do you agree or disagree to Licensure Exam for Information Technology course
  16. Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012
  17. what can you say about martial law ...
  18. May Tanong po ako...PASOK PO
  19. Anti- islam (us film)
  20. AFP Aptitude Test Battery (AFPATB) and Army Qualifying Exam REVIEWERS
  21. malaking "VARYAG" ng China Pinakita sa mundo
  22. Ferdinand E. Marcos: Hero o Villain?
  23. CAV and red ribbon for DFA
  24. Bakit alam ni marcos ang mangyayari sa pilipinas pagkalipas ng 20yrs?
  25. Territorial disputes in the South and East China Sea Official Thread
  26. Purol Kalbo
  27. Unclos and Philippine baseline law(RA9522)
  28. Beware to CHINESE made routers!
  29. Beware to CHINESE made routers!
  30. 1904 China map admits Spratly not Chinese territory
  31. Help - [ May Pol Sci students po ba dito ? ]
  32. Banko sentral ng pilipinas na hacked .. Grabe lupet
  33. Marcos, Sabah, China and the Sultan's Gold
  34. sino ang gusto mong maging susunod na PRESIDENTE ng PILIPINAS?
  35. Philippine Government and Constitution
  36. The spratlys sell-out
  37. china vs south korea?
  38. China vs south korea?
  40. Sen. Chiz Escudero, napakaNoynoy mo talaga
  41. File-sharing and torrenting now illegal?
  42. Republic Act No. 10175 Threat
  43. mga sir, meron po pa d2 na attorney or lawyer
  44. Insights about the new Cyber Crime law
  45. deface deface deface thru anonymous philippines | raz1el
  46. Republic Act No. 10175(CYBER CRIME LAW)
  47. HOW TO: Get Police/NBI Clearance
  48. LRT or MRT?
  49. Fresh Grads vs Experienced Workers (everybody's employment issue)
  50. Freedom of Information:(Government plan/budget)
  51. ------------------------------------------------------------
  52. The Emerging Philippines, a positive look
  53. GMA Hospital Arrest: Are you Pro or Againts?
  54. Ra 10175: Issued TRO
  55. Bangsamoro: Philippine version of Palestine?
  56. Sin Tax bill violates our civil liberty
  57. Is it a crime to download files/applications/ebooks
  58. Help Need good Lawyer
  59. Recto Drops Sin Tax Bill
  60. 20
  61. Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012
  62. Saang bansa ka makakita ng ganito kayo ang humusga
  63. Legalize Prostitution, UN urges PH
  64. Subic at Clark gusto muling buhayin bilang US MILITARY BASES, Payag ka ba?
  65. China vs Japan: Sino mananalo?
  66. [MUST READ]The Legacy of Freemasons in Philippine History
  67. PSCO Lotto Winner Result Scam ????
  68. NSO help
  69. May laban po ba ako o wala?
  70. Grace "I have a pending case" Padaca allowed to travel abroad
  71. Malaysia, Sabbah, and the War in Mindanao
  73. Turbofan Killer Bee: Rutan ARES "Mudfighter"
  74. The greatest Robbery in the history of mankind
  75. mga sir ask ko lang sa case about sa lupa..
  76. daily news
  77. Sabah o spratly island?
  78. MMDA Environmental Violation
  79. In this 8 elements choose 1 that are present in our government and choose 1 that are
  80. Commission on Filipinos Overseas schedules Second Global Summit on February 2013
  81. Amalayer: Bob ong
  82. 2-Tiered Wage System.Sagot O Salot?Alamin kung bakit mawawalan ng saysay ang minimun
  85. Mas mabuti pa ang pilipinas!!!
  86. CFO Supports Passage of the Amended Overseas Absentee Voting Act
  87. Metropolis Asia Launches Website
  88. Philippines 3Q Growth a whopping 7.1%!!!!
  89. Philippines is going to rock - hong kong economist
  90. "The Philippines is the diamond of the region this year," - singapore
  91. Will the US defend Philippines if China attacks?
  92. CFO Conducts Manila Consultative Meeting for December Confab
  93. Do you know that the philippines is owned by a single family?
  94. army qualifying exam reviewer
  95. philippine behind the truth
  96. Asia: Table of Taxes & Mandatory Contributions for Medium Size Companies
  97. 29 Chosen for 2012 Presidential Awards
  98. CJ Sereno, pineke ang isang SC en banc resolution. Lolz
  99. Vietnam condemns China's sea claims as "serious violation"
  100. Philippines massive infrastructure spending 2013