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  1. Kapamilya o Kapuso?
  2. What are You Currently Watching? [TV/VCD/DVD/Movie/Video]
  3. Vic Sotto at mga kasamang sina Joey de Leon at Richie D'Horsie[1982 rape issue]
  4. Filipino writers na gumagawa ng story, kumokorny na - Shaider rocks, Zaido sucks!!
  5. Real Name of Showbiz Personalities
  6. Kimerald’s Soap ‘Sana Maulit Muli’ a Hit in Taiwan
  7. High School Musical 3:Senior Year
  8. What is the best movie for you?
  9. Top 10 Kids Movies That Adults Will Love
  10. Upcoming Movies!
  11. Bakit mahina ang Pinoy movies?
  12. Tanda mo pa ba tong mga anime song lyrics in tagalog version?
  13. Sandara Park in Korea - 2NE1(female bigbang)
  14. Kung Superhero ka, anong super powers o ability ang gusto mo?
  15. Best TAGALOG movie you've ever Watched?
  16. What was the last movie you saw at maganda ba?!!
  17. Twilight Or Harry Potter??? anO mAs gUstO nyO???
  18. Kamen Rider Series "Henshin!" Discussion Thread
  19. Goku vs Superman!! Sino mananalo??
  20. Punisher Vs. Batman
  21. What's the most disturbing film you ever seen?
  22. Inception: Your Ending Thoughts
  23. The WWE Thread
  24. Precious Hearts Romances Presents Martha Cecilia's Kristine - Episodes [Updated]
  25. Hachiko: A Dog's Story
  26. New Movies 9-13-10 [marami 'to]
  27. Your Best Movie of All Time
  28. [ASIA TORRENT]...pahelp po..
  29. The Walking Dead TV series
  30. Zombie Fanatics Official Thread
  31. what's the best movie you've ever watched?
  32. Anong movie maganda panoorin?
  33. Anime character na pinaka mahusay gumamit ng espada. .
  34. Anong Huli mong Napanood na Movie?
  35. encantadia
  36. The Top 100+ Funniest Movies of All Time
  37. Pretty Little Liars OFFICIAL THREAD! SEASON 4 EPs are on 1st Page
  38. Marcelino pan y vino
  39. Top 5 most reccomended tv series-foreign
  40. Movie/s that made you cry..
  41. Best pinoy comedy movies!!!!
  42. Best Movies so far? Foreign o Local!
  43. Anong title movie ang mga d'best na napanuod mo na?
  44. Alam nyo ba kung saan makakapanood ng Gintama o Familiar of Zero Tagalog Dub?
  45. Inspirational Movies
  46. Noblesse The Official Thread (Discussion, Manhwa/Animation)
  47. Sino Ang Pinaka Emotionless Anime Character Para Sayo?
  48. [MOVIE] Jackie Chan Movie Collection [DF]
  49. pinaka brutal movie na napanuod mu ???
  50. Share nyo naman ung list of TOP 5 movies nyo ALL TIME!
  51. Dream vs Cignal vs Sky vs GSAT ????
  52. Best tv series??
  53. Transformers: Age of Extinction
  54. Movie Quiz - Fill in the blanks End of Quiz
  55. -=Official Ghost Adventures TV Series Thread=- season 9
  56. Magandang movies
  57. Movies You Should Watch Before You Die!
  58. My suggestions (must watch movies)
  59. Game of Thrones Discussion Thread
  60. Best Korean Movies
  61. TV Series you are currently watching or have watched...
  62. What are the best comedy anime that you watched?
  63. Kdrama
  64. List 5 christian movies na gusto niyo
  65. Ingat sa mga manunood ng The Conjuring
  66. Scariest movie para sau (just one movie)
  67. [DRESSROSA ARC]Poll kung sino next nakama ng strawhat**September 8 2013
  68. Breaking Bad fanatics
  69. Mga Movies na napaisip ka [WHUT]
  70. PinoY Comedy Sitcom na pinapanood nyo noong bata pa kayo
  71. [TRENDING] Lourd De Veyra's Open Letter to Bossing Vic Sotto
  72. [AMV] One Piece in 30 minutes
  73. Lone Target Episode 3 (Features Philippine ASR)
  75. Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Official Thread
  76. Survey What is your Favorite TV series?
  77. The Strain (TV series) - highly recommended new vampire series
  78. Whait is your Favorite One Piece Movie?
  79. [Discussion]Kuroko No Basket VS Slamdunk
  80. How I Met Your Mother Finale: Your thoughts
  81. Penny Dreadful (Showtime) - new horror TV series
  82. X-MEN: Days of Future Past
  83. Anime that Affected your Life the MOST!
  84. iptv channel
  85. HELP! please suggest kayo ng mga anime kagaya ng mga eto.
  86. Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Astig nito)
  88. Anong Rare Best Movies Mo? para sayo...
  89. Anong MOVIE/S ang excited kang panoorin sa sinehan this 2015?!
  90. MOVIE REVIEWS [local, foreign, recently watched, new/old titles, any genre]
  91. FAVORITE Ongoing/Recent ANIME(s)
  92. Who will win in a DEATHMATCH? Choose your hero. :)
  93. GMA DOCUMENTARY: Help me remember the title please
  95. Suggest kayo Magandang Romantic Korean Drama
  96. Hindi malilimutang episode sa ONE PIECE
  97. [Q] Ano po yung kasunod ng anime na Tsubasa Chronicle sa ch11
  98. The Pyramid Full Movies
  99. the limitation game
  100. One Punch Man is Getting an Anime!