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Mobilarian Message

Mobilarian (formerly Symbianize) has been the undisputed #1 all-in-one forum site for more than a decade. Proudly pinoy. Like we always say since day 1, ito ang site na ginawa ng pinoy para sa pinoy. It caters to all walks of life. Kahit sino pa tayo, kahit ano pa ang hilig natin sa buhay dito sa site na to mahahanap natin yon at welcome na welcome tayo. We have the strictest enforcement of the rules which makes the forums more organized and conducive to discussions. It is made possible by our Staff, the most dedicated, trusted, and professional there is.

Hindi rin matatawaran ang galing, sipag at malasakit ng members natin. Our members never get tired of helping and sharing whatever they have, whenever they can. It's just surreal that a pinoy community like this exists. Sabi ng iba walang malasakit ang pinoy, sabi nila mahilig tayong maghilaan pababa, sabi nila madamot tayo, sabi nila mukang pera ang pinoy, well, guess what, they're wrong. Not us, not here, 'cause in our site, 1.4 million members strong, such negativities never exists. Dito sa Mobilarian kung ano'ng alam ng isa, malalaman din ng iba, kung ano'ng meron ang isa, magkakaroon din ang iba. This is an open sharing community. But it's just one reason why this community is great.

As we enrich our knowledge we've also developed as a person. We are now more sociable and sensitive to others. We've become open-minded and learned to respect the ideas and opinions of others. We appreciate every kindness and good deed no mater how big or small. We've embraced the concept of cooperation and solidarity to achieve harmonious environment. Indeed, there is no online community like ours.

Then 2020 happened. The pandemic impacted our lives significantly and our site is no exception. The operation of our site is no longer sustainable. So it is with deepest regret that we inform everyone that we've reached the end of the road. What we've accomplished for 14 years is simply remarkable. We've exceeded expectations. We overcame lots of challenges. We even outlived Friendster, MySpace, Multiply and other bigger sites. To say we overachieved is an understatement. And we owe all of our success to each and everyone of you. It is truly an honor to be of service to you. The chit chats, the group chats, the meetups, the friendships and all the memories we've shared will be forever in our hearts. We can't thank you enough, we're just so grateful to have you in the passenger seat and sticking with us through the bumps, twists and turns of our journey. To you, our fellow Mobilarian, our fellow Symbianizer, with all sincerity, we say,

Thank you.