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    Default Official User Groups of Symb

    Below is the list of our current official user groups here in Mobilarian.

    The Specialists

    Spectra - Mobilarian's homegrown graphic talents. Active providers of original image graphic creations and resources.
    This group is temporarily led by rocky0000042.

    XScriptz - Mobilarian's skilled java application modifiers. Active providers of original modded apps for java supported phones.
    This group is led by CyclopSX.

    Blitzers - Mobilarian's dedicated uploaders. Active providers of original alternative download (mirror) links.
    This group is led by herbz_8.

    Literati - Mobilarian's artistic writers. Active providers of original creative writings.
    This group is led by PadrePio and panjo.

    iOSXervantz - Mobilarian's iOS specialists. Active providers of modified resources, IPA file hacks, and technical support for iOS devices.
    This group is led by marvin378.

    ARM (Android Resource Management) - Mobilarian's Android OS specialists. Active providers of basic to advanced support, guides, tutorials and resources for Android devices.
    This group is led by HHubs.

    To know more about the Specialist groups, read the succeeding posts below made by their respective Group Leaders.


    The Elites

    Contributors - major contributors of Mobilarian. Made significant contributions whether in file sharing, information exchange or financial donations that help keep Mobilarian alive and active.

    Staff Emeritus - former members of Mobilarian Staff. Actively served as Staff for at least four months and committed no misconduct during their tenure.


    The Staff

    Group Leaders - supervises the Specialist groups. A Group Leader is in charge of the approval of join requests and will see to it that group members are still active and the group objectives are still met.

    Moderators - moderates the forum and its members. A Moderator is given absolute authority to uphold the Mobilarian Rules. Their level indicates the scope of their authority and responsibility.


    There are 2 special groups, Moderator Trainees and Adult Members.

    Moderator Trainees group is a temporary group for those currently undergoing moderator training. Once their training is successfully completed, they will be moved to the Moderators group.

    Adult Members group is for those who have Adult Zone access. It does not have distinct username color nor group icon. The group simply serves as a forum access setting.



    • A non-Staff member is only allowed to have a maximum of 2 Specialist groups officially.
    • A Staff member is only allowed to have a maximum of 1 Specialist group officially.
    • Elite group membership is permanent. Unless banned, even if the member is no longer active or seldomly visits Mobilarian, the member will never be removed from the group.
    • Staff and Specialist group membership is not permanent. If the member is no longer active in performing the group's duties and responsibilities, the member will be removed from the group.
    • Specialist groups are user-created groups. These are groups formed by users and requested to become official Mobilarian user group.

    Interested parties who wishes their group to be part of the Official User Groups of Mobilarian must possess the following qualifications:

    • the duties and responsibilities of the group must be beneficial to Mobilarian or its users
    • group composed of at least 3 members but not more than 10, including the Group Leader
    • group members must have existing posts related to the group's duties and responsibilities, the content of their posts must be their original creations

    If your group fits the qualifications, you may create User Group Request thread in Users Feedback forum with the following information:

    • Group Name
    • Objective
    • Duties and Responsibilities
    • Membership Requirements
    • Group Leader
    • Group Members

    All submitted User Group Requests will be subjected to Lv5 Moderator review.

    If you have any comments or inquiries regarding our current user groups, you may post it here...
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    Default Re: Update Your User Group Info Here


    Powered By:

    Group Name:



    marvin378 (GL)
    Jecht Shot Mark III

    Group Description:

    iOS experts, modifier, ipa file hacker , iDevices technical support group (Group that willing to Help people who are having problem with Apple Specially iOS/iDevices).

    Group Objectives and Duties/Responsibilities:

    • To provide cracked paid appstore apps. (Granting requests if necessary)
    • We will only purchase apps that have not been cracked.
    • To address/answer queries and problems regarding iDevices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)
    • To provide tutorials/instructions/tips on iDevices

    Group Requirements/Qualifications:

    Must have the following:

    1. Useful Thread(s) on "Apple" and "iPhone OS Softwares" forum/sub-forum

    2. Knowledge on iOS/iDevices , Jaibreaking , unlocking , other related tricks.

    3. Willing to share his/her knowledge regarding iOS / iDevices

    4. Must have 50 +reputation points

    5. No Infraction/Warning/ -reputation points

    6. Active Member

    7. Must have a iDevice to test/crack purchased Apps/Games

    8. Should have an iMessage account.


    Sabi ng Teacher ko dati ay kumain daw ng kumain ng mani para tumalino
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    Default Re: Update Your User Group Info Here

    Mobilarian Literati
    (powered by San Docena)

    Mobilarian Literati: An Obarbyu

    Powered by San Docena? Ano yan? San dosenang itlog?

    Hindi po, ser. Itlog niyo man kaming ituring, utak naman nami’y kay sarap namnamin.

    Mobilarian Literati, also known as San Docena, is an officially-approved usergroup in Mobilarian.com, the largest 100% Pinoy Chat, PC and Mobile community in the world wide web. In an age where internet and technological advancement is the rage, we, as a group of Mobilarians bonded by the love of the written word, aim to promote creative writing as a means of expressing one’s self to others and a vehicle for sharing technological knowledge. By writing prose and poetry, we also aim to expose the all too human aspect of technology, the emotions behind the inventions.

    Requirements to Join

    • must have written at least five "original" literary outputs and posted them in Mobilarian.
    • must have a great love for writing.
    • able to provide at least 2 literary outputs every month
    • active Mobilarian member
    • willing to share his/her own knowledge in the writing trade
    • willing to learn and accepts criticisms in his/her work constructively


    There will be a limited slot for membership. There will only be a total of 12 members (including the GL) at any one time. As of the moment, there are two vacant membership slots. Once all of the slots have been filled, any application for membership will no longer be entertained. When a member becomes inactive, violates a grave rule, or is not able to perform his/her group duties and responsibilities anymore, GL will notify all members about the issue. The errant member's removal from the group will then be put to a vote. Once removed, his/her membership slot will be declared vacant and new applications for membership will be accepted.


    The Thorns and the Roses


    note: these members have applied for San Docena (Literati) membership months ago on this thread

    Group Mandate:

    1. Write literary outputs (i.e. poems, short stories, essays, series, articles) and share them to everyone.
    2. Faciltate literary contests as a means to promote creative writing.
    3. Provide How-to articles, tips, tuts and tricks in the writing trade so that all Mobilarian members who wish to dabble in writing will have a guide to help them.
    4. Accept requests for writing poems, stories, articles from Mobilarian members. (Certain conditions may apply.)
    5. Promote Mobilarian by writing at least one literary output (i.e. poem, article, story, etc) dedicated to Mobilarian every month







    Current Members:

    Circuited Soul
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    Default Re: Official User Groups of Symb

    Group Name: ARM (Android Resource Management)

    ARM is a unified Android OS User Group that aims to provide basic to advanced support, guides, tutorials and resources (apps, games, themes, news, etc.) for Android devices. Because of the variety of Android phones in the market, there is a need to consolidate all available and relevant information that will then be shared through Mobilarian in an efficient and orderly manner.

    • Provide technical support.
    • Provide unbiased opinion and advice to users who are planning to get an Android device.
    • Post up-to-date news, tutorials and guides.
    • Maintain a steady flow of updated/cracked applications and games for Android users.
    • Provide system resources required for modding. (UI, Apps, framework, ROMs, kernels, etc.)
    • Provide ready-to-use custom configurations, tweaks, mods to applicable models.

    • Pro-Active in Mobilarian.
    • Must own an Android device.
    • Willing to answer even the most basic questions and share their knowledge to members.
    • Familiar with basic apk modding. (Advanced xml editing and apk decompilation is a plus)
    • Familiar with adb.
    • Familiar with basic Android Hardware and Software concepts. (Kernel/ROM/framework modding is a plus)
    • Must have an active thread dedicated to help Android users in general and/or is active in a thread that provides support to Android users. (Kailangang may sariling thread na naglalayong makatulong sa mga Android user AT / O aktibo sa ibang thread (kahit hindi kanya) na nagbibigay ng tulong sa mga Android users.
    • No outstanding infractions and is well-disciplined


    HHubs (GL)
    -botbot- (On Leave)

    Group Membership is still OPEN


    A R M is in need of Software and Hardware Specialists.

    Hardware Specialists - have a mastery of his own Android device and concepts behind the device's OEM (including the use of OEM-specific programs such as Odin, Flashtool, and other AIO software solutions). Mangangailangan kami ng mga taong makapagbibigay ng tulong sa bawat OEM / Brand.

    Software Specialists - are skilled in modding Android Apps and have the willingness to share Cracked / Modified applications to members.

    Those who are interested can post their application HERE. Kindly include your current Android device model and indicate a brief description of your specialization.

    You can also send me a Private Message if you have any concerns about your application.
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    Default Re: Official User Groups of Symb

    Some of our Group Leaders (GLs) are currently busy with more important things outside Mobilarian these past few months.
    Causing the group to lose members and cease to function properly. To remedy this, we will be looking for new GLs to keep
    our groups intact and get back on its feet.

    For the meantime, we have appointed interim GLs to take care of the affairs of the group. They are not officially part of the group,
    they will simply serve as acting GLs in-charge of rebuilding its members. As soon as there's enough active members, the
    members themselves will choose their own GL. Interim GL will then leave the full control of the group to its new GL.

    Please read the first post of this thread to see the affected groups and their corresponding interim GLs. PM them if you'd like
    to join their respective group. There's a high chance you'll be accepted if you're actively participating in our forums focusing on
    the activities of the group you wish to join.

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    Default Re: Update Your User Group Info Here

    Group Leader:



    1. rocky0000042
    2. boydozer
    3. Tobi
    4. StayFaded
    5. Forever Alone
    6. VACANT
    7. VACANT
    8. VACANT
    9. VACANT


    • Ang team SPECTRA ang mamamahala ng takbo at kaayusan ng mga usapang related sa Graphics (tutorials,resources, sig at wallpaper requests, contest atbp.)


    • provide basic and intermediate graphics tutorial
    • provide basic resources in photoshop and other graphics editing medium (brush, gradient, stock, C4D, etc)
    • help the members' difficulties with graphic related concerns
    • grant graphics request (avatar and signature etc)
    • provide Official Graphics Contests
    • At pinaka importante; once in a while mag jo-joinforces tyo para sa Mobilarian related projects with other Official Usergroups.


    Di ko kelangan ng magaling! aanhin ko ang talent mo kung wala ka namang
    sipag, tyaga, at lakas ng loob para i-express ang sarili mo, at syempre tumulong sa iba.

    Kailangan ko ay yung MAHILIG sa Graphics

    Ayaw namin ng Mayabang...

    at alam nyu naman po ang rules ng Mobilarian kelangan susundin po natin ito.

    Technical Requirements:

    • must have at least 300posts and above
    • no active infraction or negative reputation
    • may sariling thread ng sariling works (kung wala ka pa gawa kana)
    • you must provide me at least 10 samples of your artworks together with the PSD files.
    • must have at least granted 20 requests in this thread: http://www.mobilarian.com/showthread.php?t=1521
      or you have provided help assistance to at least 20 threads from Graphics and Photos Section
    • must be proactive member of Mobilarian.
    • ang pinaka mahalaga sa lahatwilling magtrabaho ng walang sweldo, marunong ng basics sa photoshop at kumakain ng Gulay...

    if you want to be a Spectra, be sure to fulfill the requirements mentioned above and then pm me.

    *rules are to change without prior notice*
    For any Questions, pm me
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    Exclamation Blitzers - Mobilarian Bulletin

    Blitzers - Mobilarian's dedicated uploaders. Active providers of alternative download (mirror) links.

    1. herbz_8
    2. WarrenFX
    3. KevinPhiox
    4. _ronald20_
    5. thyanz

    1. bullet (Founder)
    2. bhapz
    2. benjun2178
    3. jeng
    4. fLiPsId3
    5. lee-yah
    6. slimcame20
    7. nikkay
    8. karead
    9. DianaGrace
    10. Jhetcola
    11. yapanitz
    12. xatujan
    13. igoLman
    14. jaymastergwapo
    15. polot
    16. Kharz

    1. 80GB successful mirrored files.
    2. 100 sensible posts (Vigorous Heir of Artemis) or must be active in Mobilarian for 3 months.
    3. No outstanding infraction/warning.
    4. 6-8 hours minimum online time.
    5. Knowledgeable in using different file hosting sites.
    6. Knowledgeable in using WinZIP, WinRAR, and other file compressing applications.
    7. Knowledgeable in using ZIP-spanning, RAR-splitting, and other file joining/splitting applications.
    8. Legitimate and stable internet connection (able to perform duties without relying from FBT).
    9. Members requesting to join Blitzers group must have been providing mirrors for at least 3 months prior to their application.

    1. Provide alternate download links for files requested in the following Mirror Request Threads:
    2. Fix broken links of mirrored files.
    3. Promote Mobilarian by attaching text docs (readme.txt files) and/or clickable "link-to-us" in the mirrored files.
    4. If the file is not more than 30MB, it must be uploaded here, not in a file hosting site or any other site.

    1. Send PM to members informing them that their mirror requests are already available.
    2. Convert mirrored files to other formats.
    3. Mirror files by parts (out of 5 parts, 1 part only).
    4. Mirror files NOT in Mobilarian.
    5. Mirror files exceeding 1.5GB in total file size.
    6. Upload files into Pay-Per-Download file hosting sites, unless deemed necessary.
    7. Repack and split files into the same file hosting site (we only split files for "Mirror Requests").

    1. These rules are subject to change/update as necessary.
    2. Open items will be discussed within the group.
    3. Implemented rules in the sticky threads found in request zones still applies.
    4. As always, Mobilarian global rules still applies.

    Ipapaliwanag ko lang po ulet sa pinakamalinaw na paraang makakayanan ko:
    • Ang Blitzers group po ay nagpro-provide ng alternate/mirror links.
      (Ang ibig pong sabihin nito ay kung halimbawang nahihirapan kayong mag-download ng file dahil Rapidshare o Tusfiles ang download link/s, i-post niyo ang thread link at ang download link/s sa sticky request threads kung saan zone niyo nakita yung file na kailangan nyo. Kami po ang magmi-mirror nun at ipo-post namin ang na-mirror na files doon sa thread na pinagkuhanan niyo).
    • Hindi po kami ang nagre-request ng files na kailangan niyo.
    • Hindi po kami nagpapadala ng PM sa inyo kung na mirror na namin ang files na ni-request niyo.
    • Hindi po kami ang makakatulong sa inyong humanap ng files na kailangan niyo para sa school projects, professors' requirements, atbp.
    • Hindi po namin kayo puwedeng gawing member dahil gusto nyo lang magkaroon ng User Bar, o kaya pwede kayong mag-Upload sa MediaFire o PutLocker, o kaya dahil "you want to have fun", o dahil magiging masaya kayo sa group.
    • Medyo marami pong membership request ang nare-receive ko kaya mas minabuti ko ng i-update itong post ko kesa i-PM ko po kayo lahat.

    We are still accepting requests for memberships.
    If you think you are dedicated and qualified, start granting requests in the mirror request threads.
    PM the summary of your mirrored links to the Group Leader.
    Thanks to all who expressed their interest in joining the group.

    If you want to be a Blitzer, CLICK HERE.
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    Default Official User Groups of Symb

    Group Name: XscriptZ

    Group Description: Mobilarian's skilled
    java/symbian application modifiers, very own ISP
    hackers, cfw & firmware modder for symbian OS,
    Mobile support team,cellphone technician.

    Group Objectives and Duties:

    • Provide modified java
      applications for all MID1 or
      MID2 or java supported phones.
    • Provide modified Symbian applications (.sis/.sisx files)
      for all symbian supported
    • Fix or re-modify old and
      obsolete java and symbian
      mobile applications
    • Make tutorial about any topic pertaining to modifying mobile applications both java and symbian.
    • Accept Mod requests
    • Answer mobile network
      related problems/queries or anything that is connected to mobile applications
    • Promote Mobilarian by adding Mobilarian's signature/link(if
      possible) or by adding
      readme.txt file containing
      Mobilarian link.
    • Answer Mobile problems/
      queries regarding
      troubleshooting/repair or
      anything that is connected to mobile phones difficulties both sofware and hardware.
    • Provide Customized Firmware for all symbian supported phones.

    Group Requirements:

    • Must have at least 50
      reputation points
    • Must have their own thread of modded applications/tutorial for at
      least one month.
    • Can modify at least
      mobile applications or has
      basic knowledge in modding
    • Must be familiar or has basic knowledge in class editing, hex
      editing, or any tools use for modding.
    • Must have Java & Symbian base mobile phone
    • Must have own PC (for making custom firmware and modding)
    • Has own specialty, as a
      member you will be deployed to
      your field of specialty
    • Preferably hindi pasaway at walang infraction/s or
      warning or may pulang
    • Service oriented, hindi
      madamot sa nalalaman kahit
      pa sa "newbie". Prioritize
      newbie, WE LOVE NEWBIES
    • MASIPAG mag Mobilarian, pro-
      active member

    If you are interested to Join Xscriptz, there are 2 Things you need to follow:

    1. Join Xscriptz via the Group membership (UserCP -> Group Membership -> Tick Xscriptz -> Join Group).

    2. Please complete this form and PM The GroupLeader.

    • Username:
    • Join Date:
    • Your field of specialization:
    • Provide links of your Threads:
      Ex. Tutorials,Modding apps,trouble shooting,cfw,request granted, etc.

    - Make sure to do Both Step 1 & 2. If you either did just Step 1 or Step 2, your Application will be DENIED.

    Good Luck to all Applicants.

    Group Leader:



    *Pioneer members:

    1. Atheniankid
    2. Thormentor
    3. konn
    4. akelino27
    5. eduard816
    6. bobjoan
    7. payas0
    8. exzibit15
    9. macneth
    10. shiangtao
    11. draclau08
    12. marvin378
    13. deathnote99
    14. ragefire09
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    Default Re: Official User Groups of Symb

    We have disbanded the Spectra group due to inactivity. rocky0000042 has been appointed as interim Group Leader to oversee
    the rebuilding of the group. Send a PM (private message) to the interim Group Leader if you wish to join or re-join the group.

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    Post Re: Official User Groups of Symb

    ================================================== ==========================

    Active providers of original image graphic creations and resources.
    ================================================== ==========================


    1. rocky0000042 (GL)
    2. ariescabrillas
    3. nurham
    4. remle012
    5. ReverzerO
    6. vacant
    7. vacant
    8. vacant
    9. vacant
    10. vacant

    • Team Spectra is the overseer of the track and harmony of any stuff and activity in relation with graphics (tutorials, resources, signatures at wallpaper requests, contest, etc.).

    • Provide basic and intermediate graphics tutorial.
    • Provide basic resources in Photoshop and other graphics editing medium (brush, gradient, stock, C4D, etc.).
    • Response in any member’s inquiry or technical hitches in any graphics related concerns.
    • Grant graphics request (avatar and signature etc.).
    • Provide Official Graphics Contests
    • In an instance, we might have some collaborations (projects) with other Usergroups.


    * Anyone can as long as he/she is qualified and has accomplished the technical requirements.
    * We are seeking for a graphics enthusiast who are responsible, obedient and confident enough to express thyself. Being pro, for us, is just a plus.
    * Well aware of the Mobilarian Forum Rules.

    • Must have at least 300 posts.
    • No active infraction or negative reputation
    • Has his/her own thread of compiled artworks. (This is to show what styles you have in digital graphics.)
    • You must provide me at least 10 samples of your artworks together with the PSD files.
    • Must have at least 20 granted requests in this thread: http://www.mobilarian.com/showthread.php?t=1521.
    • Or you have provided help assistance to at least 20 threads from Graphics and Photos Section .
    • Must be proactive member of Mobilarian.
    • And the most important is that you are not expecting anything in return.

    *rules are to change without prior notice*

    Kindly post your application here: click me

    For questions, just PM me.
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