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Thread: Proper Forum Etiquette Every Mobilarians Must Know

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    Hats Off Proper Forum Etiquette Every Mobilarians Must Know

    Hello mga Ka-Mobi, I am here to write a Guide on Proper Forum Etiquette, Basically, How a Good Forum Member should behave in the Forums. I have seen a lot of people misbehaving in the Forums. So I hope this helps for all Mobilarians especially for the newbies.

    1. Forum Rules

    Now i am sure everyone has to follow some sort of rules everywhere they go work, home, school, on the road etc. and we all have to follow by these rules or there will be some sort of punishment if we break them. The forums is no different there are forum rules and we all should follow by them if we dont want to be punished for breaking the rules. There is the Forum Rules which are the rules for the entire forum.

    2. Do A Search Before Posting.

    Well alot of members ask questions on the forums that have been already asked and answered/solved. When members dont search before they post it creates another unnecessary and useless thread and it takes up more forums space and more time that someone could use to do something else or help someone else who really needs it. When a member searches for something before they post it makes the forum clean less threads and its quicker because you can get what you are looking for very fast instead of waiting for someone to answer your post. Searching is very easy and very quick and more efficient.

    3. How To Handle A Certain Situations If It Gets Out Of Control

    If a thread starts to get violent or bashing starts dont get involved or try and solve things on your own report it to the Mods that control that section .Normally when someone tries and solve an issue on their own when bashing starts they end up getting involved and start bashing others also so its best if you see a thread getting out of control stay out of it and report it to the MODS they are the best persons to deal with those situations and you will also avoid for getting involved.

    4. Respect other members as equals.

    If you want to confront other members on a personal level do so via pm or an instant messaging service. Public displays of disrespect will not ever be tolerated. It is most important to show the utmost respect to new members. Although they may have absolutely no clue what's going on they could eventually become a leading contributor.

    5. Always use as much information as possible when contributing.

    A full description, images version number etc. This just makes everything much more organized and please check the file first before posting and make sure it is virus-free. Not to mention it looks professional. By contributing you are representing not only yourself but us as a community. Take pride in your contributions.

    These aren't rules this is a list of appropriate forum conduct.

    1. Post in the correct category. Read the forum descriptions if you are confused.

    2. Use good grammar. Basically start sentences with a capital and end it with a punctuation.

    3. Don't double post. That's when you post one after another instead of editing your existing first post.

    4. Don't cross post. That's when you repeat a post in multiple threads or categories.

    5. Create relevant subjects for threads and when posting content from another site credit the site, use quotes and link (unless competiting forum which you shouldn't post their content) to original content.
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