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    Default Contests and Awards - added contest draft forum

    'Ber' months are here again. Christmas is in the air.
    But aside from the yuletide season, we're also nearing the Mobilarian anniversary.

    So in anticipation of that day and to further promote enjoyment in our community, this month we will be starting to hold various Contests and Monthly Recognitions. Monthly recognitions are Class-B awards in our Award System. Some of these are Most Popular Mobilarian, Coolest Avatar, and Coolest Signature. The winner of our monthly awards are determined through nominations from our fellow Mobilarians. Contests in the other hand have selected panel of judges. More info will be given later.

    By the way, you may also suggest here some good or exciting Monthly Awards or Contests if you have any.

    You may post your comments here...

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    Default [update] Contest and Awards Forum

    Naglagay po tayo ng bagong forum sa Contests and Awards...

    Mobilarian Challenge
    Create a contest or challenge our fellow Mobilarian to a friendly competition. A great way to showcase our talent while having fun and in the process contribute further to the development of our skills.
    Sa forum na yan kahit sino pwede na pong gumawa ng contest o challenge. Maaaring avatar designing, mobile theme designing, poem writing, essay writing, o kung anumang contest na naisip natin. Kayo na mismo ang gagawa ng mechanics o rules. Gawa lang kayo ng thread doon at antayin lang nating ma-review ng Moderator at kapag ok na, imu-move na yung thread na ginawa natin sa Contests and Awards forum para masimulan na ang contest.

    Sa parte ng Mobilarian Staff, ang bawat mananalo ay makakatanggap ng reputation points at ribbons o medals depende sa contest. Kapag may nanalo na, pwede naman tayong mag-request ng award para ipaalam agad sa Moderator na may nanalo na.

    You may post your comments here...

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    Default Re: Added New Subforum - Mobilarian Challenge

    We already removed the Mobilarian Challenge forum and moved all on-going contests to Contests and Awards forum. From now on anyone can start a new thread there but all threads are "moderated". Which means a Group Leader or a Moderator must validate first the thread before it appears to everyone. Actually that's the reason why we created the Mobilarian Challenge forum in the first place, to review the submitted contests first before moving them to Contests and Awards forum but it wasn't implemented well.

    So now we will see to it that the implemention is well taken care of and since the Staff will be able to review or see your proposed contests, you may suggest various prizes for your contests which only Staff has the capability of giving such as ribbons, medals, prepaid loads, premium accounts, etc. Depending on how big the contest is and if the Staff members see it fit.

    And at the same time, We created 2 archive forums under Contests and Awards where old threads will be placed.

    Once again, if you start a new thread at Contests and Awards forum, you won't see it right away after you submitted it. But it is already created just wait for a Staff member to validate it and make it visible to everyone.

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    Thumbsup New User Awards!

    We have added 4 new Class B Awards to our Awards System.

    Mobilarians' Choice in Writing
    A recognition given to Mobilarian's achievement in writing.

    Mobilarians' Choice in Graphics
    A recognition given to Mobilarian's achievement in graphics.

    Most Popular Male Mobilarian Award
    A recognition given to the most popular male member of Mobilarian.

    Most Popular Female Mobilarian Award
    A recognition given to the most popular female member of Mobilarian.

    You may freely use these awards in case you want to start new contests. Just post at the Contests and Awards forum and once checked by Staff, your new thread will appear.

    We are also planning to make a Contest Draft forum, so that instead of waiting for moderation, you can directly discuss with Staff about your proposed contests and it will be moved to the main Contest and Awards forum once accepted.

    UPDATE: We now have our new Contest Draft forum up and running. This is where you should post any contests you plan so that Staff may review it for you. Please have a look here.

    You may post your comments here.
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    Default Re: Mobilarian Contests and Awards

    Contest Draft forum is now available. So anyone who wishes to organize a contest may do so by creating a new thread there. Thread is not 'moderated' unlike before so you will see the thread the moment you submit it. But it is not a public forum, only the thread starter and the Staff can view the thread, no one else. Every contest is reviewed thoroughly by Staff before it is shown to public. Once the contest is finalized, the Staff then will move the contest thread to the main forum, Contests and Awards, where everyone can see.

    Anyone who's interested in organizing a contest must include in their post the qualifications of the participants, contest mechanics and the prize/award.

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