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    Default Signature of the Week #32 - SPRITE VOTING THREAD

    Mobilarian Spectra:

    This is the official voting thread for the Mobilarian Signature of the Week #32.
    This is the place where we, the Mobilarian members, will decide who will win.


    Please read the Voting Guidelines before you cast your votes:

    • Only users registered before November 01,2013 are allowed to vote
    • Users registered after November 01,2013 are not allowed to vote
    • Users aware of all the Mobilarian Forum Guidelines are the only qualify to vote.To ensure this, users must have at least 200 posts or must wear a user tittle of

    Witty Heir of Hermes
    Desirable Heir of Aphrodite
    Brilliant Heir of Athena
    Relentless Heir of Ares
    Faithful Heir of Hera
    Almighty Heir of Poseidon
    Omnipotent Heir of Zeus

    • Users with this user tittles are not allowed to vote

    Jubilant Heir of Dionysus
    Devoted Heir of Hephaestus
    Glorious Heir of Demeter
    Vigorous Heir of Artemis
    Radiant Heir of Apollo

    • User must post in this thread, stating the entry number and his/her "reason" for voting for the entry

    I vote entry # 0.0 because of it's
    -Exquisite Concept and Design

    • Users who DO NOT VOTE their entry SPECIFICALLY will have their votes NULLIFIED

    I'll vote for entry #0.0
    but I'm amaze also for entry #0.1,
    anyway entry #0.02 is eye catching it's great!!

    • Users are obliged to vote for ONE (1) entry only specifically
    • Users who do not follow these guidelines on their vote will have their votes NULLIFIED
    • As stated in the submission entry thread you are NOT ALLOWED TO CAMPAIGN your entry in any way inside and outside Mobilarian Premises, those who are caught campaigning will have their entry DISQUALIFIED from the contest and will receive a -30 reputation points.On the other hand, those who will report anyone campaigning their entries will receive a +10 reputation points

    • EDITING YOUR POST is not allowed and will be considered as null votes

    Winner shall received the Mobilarians' Choice in Graphics Award

    Additional Prizes:

    Winner will receive the ff:
    1st runner up - +40 reputation points
    2nd runner up - +25 reputation points
    3rd runner up - +15 reputation points
    Best Comment - +10 reputation points

    (Sa mga gustong mag-sponsor po, welcome na welcome po kayo po, feel free to notify kami po)

    . . .

    Criteria for Judging:

    40% Theme Significance
    20% Artwork Balance
    20% Voting Thread
    15% Flexibility on Resource

    5% Choice of the Host
    (only one entry will received the COH)
    Total of 100%

    Judges will be selected randomly from both members and non-members of Mobilarian.
    The judges identification will be anonymous.

    . . .

    Start on January 28,2014
    End on February 02,2014 (23:59 +8 GMT)
    Any change of schedule will be stated accordingly

    So you need to cast your VOTE on or before February 02,2014 (23:59 +8 GMT). Any change in schedule will be accordingly stated.

    . . .

    Without further ado, here are the entries.

    Good luck everyone have some fun

    Fine print:
    Spectra and the contest host reserve the right to remove and/or disqualify any contest entry at their discretion. The deadlines of the events, the rules, and the prizes may be changed accordingly, so please be updated as the contest host will not be responsible in notifying you. The host and Spectra reserve the right to withhold the contest winner of his/her prize as they see fit.

    Last edited by lordjohn8; 7th Feb 2014 at 15:50. Reason: add criteria details

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    Default Re: Signature of the Week #32 - SPRITE VOTING THREAD

    GMV to entry #8

    maganda ang mga kulay na ginamit at swabe sa mata.

    siguro yung text lang ang ayaw ko sa tag masyadong eye-catching kasi eh at nasasapawan na yung focal.

    iwasan mo ang pag gamit ng boarder

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    Default Re: Signature of the Week #32 - SPRITE VOTING THREAD

    cast my vote to entry number 10
    - nice lighting - dito ako nahumaling
    - color combination - ang ganda parang kunektado sa character
    - font - good pick

    - ang hindi ko lang nagustuhan ay iyong kinalagyan ng Contest theme and Title - hindi ko alam kung iyong dahil sa rotation or sa pagkakalat ng mga letters other than that great.

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    Default Re: Signature of the Week #32 - SPRITE VOTING THREAD

    +1 to Entry no.10

    *Maganda ung kulay na ginamit at ung shading din.
    *Maganda ung flow ng picture
    *Nagblend ung sprite sa BG nya and that's good.
    *Ok ung text di ganon ka-sapaw ung render
    Overall maganda talaga sya !

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    Default Re: Signature of the Week #32 - SPRITE VOTING THREAD

    +1 vote for Entry #6
    Ang ganda ng color combi nya nagbeblend ang render at BG.
    Nice choice of materials

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    Default Re: Signature of the Week #32 - SPRITE VOTING THREAD

    +1 for entry #8
    -ganda ng compo
    -lupet ng pailaw epeks
    -para saken maganda din ung color combi nya..

    -mejo off nga lang ung text.. masyado papansin ung text.. mas maganda kung wala nalang un border.. btw good job!

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    Default Re: Signature of the Week #32 - SPRITE VOTING THREAD

    Entry no. 1 - Nice depth sa subject but medyo off ang BG ,placement of elements and compo, placement & color combination of font "usually font ung isang tinitignan sa ganito ka liit na canvas depth of fonts and color combinations" good entry..

    Entry no. 2 - nice entry but medyo off lng ang subject sa BG ,its nice sana if ang placement ng subzero is well place and the effects would be go wed the flow with the compo, good entry..

    Entry no. 3 - this is nice done, i mean its neat safe entry but i think kulang lng sa impact medyo may hinahanap pa ako na pwede dto but ..good job..

    Entry no. 4 - nice entry but i guess off lang yong subject and BG kasi same ng DOF ,also lights are off also kasi pag titignan mo kumokuha sya ng attensyon bago ang subject. and choice of font..good entry anyways..

    Entry no. 5- i like the color of this one but off lang ang subject , elements , and font ..the BG is good but d sya nag fit kasi natabunan ang subject, unang mkikita ang BG bago ang subject ..subject stroke (should be clean)... sa font namn "placement, color combination and choice of font would be great.. nice entry

    Entry no. 6 - superb entry full of elements ,nice color combi, depth is there, font well done place,rendering done , and nice subject..but i guess maliit lng na bagay ang kulang(subra) " para kasing may isa pang subject nasa right side (parang phoenix) which is medyo double subject , hehe but for me this is good job nice done.

    Entry no. 8 - superb entry also great combination of elements ,shadows, depth of fields, flow of elements, choice of subject awesome, placement of highlights, superb rendering fluidity and great pick of concept.. maybe sa aking lng off ang font malakas pa ang depth nya kay sa subject, which is medyo na tabunan ulit ung subject. placement ng font dafat accurate sa concept imean dont put to much text na d kailang like ung nasa baba,but overall superb entry ..i like this one superb composition malamig sa mata

    Entry no. 9 - this is also great job i like the color combinations , combination w/ the elements composition and the subject, depth is good, and font well place ..but off lang ung area na d nagamit mas maganda sana kung u apply ROT (Rule of thirds) para na gamit mo ung area na un. but this nice done anyways..

    Entry no. 10 - superb entry ,all elements are there ,color combination, depth of fields of subject, fonts are well done, lights & shadows well done, superb impact, and render awesome fluidity. but for me over sa compo i dont know heheh ..and don't put to much text like entry no.8 u know what i mean mate hehehheh..well done !!!

    this is my pointers hope na makatulong goodluck guys

    +1 Entry no. 8

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    Default Re: Signature of the Week #32 - SPRITE VOTING THREAD

    +1 entry number 8

    nice yung efffects, composition ayos at yung color combination ayos din

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    Default Re: Signature of the Week #32 - SPRITE VOTING THREAD

    In my honest opinion, all entries are superb including those that were disqualified and it only means that those people behind these entries did well yet only one entry should stand out.

    I am a big fan of plain and simple yet still excellent design/artwork and the like. One could create a masterpiece without too much design, extra resources or anything else. If you are an artist or should I say graphic artist, one must follow a "flow" to avoid "flaw" on what you are doing. In my experience, Isa sa mga iniiwasan ko ay yung maging "clown" or yung parang hindi na balanse yung buong gawa (dahil sa colors, major design, texture at marami pang iba) yung ginagawa ko, no one does. And entry number 3 satisfy my taste though there is something literally 'clown' in there or what. I see balance on the artwork, too much weight on the left side created by the subject 'clown' (it really looks like a clown for me) but it was still balance because the 'texts' were placed on the right side not too far from the subject. color combi finishes the artwork. nice!

    +1 on entry number 3.

    yet all entries are fine and splendid! wishes luck to all.

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    Default Re: Signature of the Week #32 - SPRITE VOTING THREAD

    + 1 kay ENTRY NO# 8!

    Hindi ko na kaolangan mag explain nang pagkahaba-haba... Dun din naman pupunta eh!

    Ayan naman kitang kita ang pagka STAND OUT! Like the dreamy like effect.

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