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    Lol 7 Funniest Ads Ever!!!

    Mondo Pasta

    Tangled phone lines are a common sight on the streets of Bangkok, so Procter & Gamble decided to take advantage of how they resembled long strands of tangled hair. To promote P&G's line of Rejoice conditioners, a large green comb was placed on the telephone lines, reading: "Tangles? Switch to Rejoice Conditioners."

    Nationwide Insurance made use of the side of a building right through to the car park for this ad.

    "The mouse pad that every guy needs." This controversial idea was done in Dubai by Sandeep Fernandes and Husen Baba Khan for the male deodorant, Axe.

    Watch Around Water is a campaign designed to educate the public about what adequate supervision is, and encourage parents/guardians to take on the responsibility for adequately supervising their children while visiting public aquatic facilities.

    A billboard for Zwilling J.A. Henckels, famous knife-makers.

    The picture explains itself.

    source: http://www.oddee.com/item_96643.aspx
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    Nice Ads

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    Hehe. Nice post.

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    galing ng nag-isip ng mouse pad

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    funny nga..pero i know nakita ko na to..mas marami pa nag nito eh..meron pa yung parang drop calls yata yun..ah basta nice post..

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    wow, what's going on those ads.. wow,, ang creative

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    funny...meron din yata sa south express na billboard na kinda inaanay yung billboard nila...not sure kung nandun pa yun.

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