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    Default [SFSGA] shoutsofdavid VS chrisdudes VS light

    Usually a forum member's enthusiasm or interest in graphic arts started on creating forum avatars and signature images. So for this round, the Battle Round, our participants will submit these entries:

    3 Avatars (100x100 px)
    2 Signature Images (400x150 px)

    Our theme for this round is Movie. So your 5 entries should be related to 1 movie of choice. If for example you chose Harry Potter, then the 3 avatars and 2 signature images that you will submit must be related to Harry Potter. We will be strict this time, incomplete number of entries will automatically disqualify a participant.

    Battle Round Deadline: 22nd September 2007 23:59 GMT+8

    The competitors for this group:
    • shoutsofdavid
    • chrisdudes
    • light
    Anyone may post their comments here only after all the competitors for this group had submitted their entries.

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    Default Re: [SFSGA] shoutsofdavid VS chrisdudes VS light

    Ako, yung HERO ang napili ko dahil ang ganda ganda ng cinematography at yung story... nakaka inlove din yung mga sequences nila..

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    Default Re: [SFSGA] shoutsofdavid VS chrisdudes VS light

    Submit ko na po entry ko.. busy kasi ako bukas baka maiwan pa ako.. mahirap pumili sa mga fave movies ko pero ito na siguro ang movie na naka-touch sakin dahil sa Love, Honor, at Courage theme nya..

    The Last Samurai
    Starring: Tom Cruise, Ken Watanabe, Hiroyuki Sanada, Koyuki

    My Avatars

    --For Courage--

    --For Honor--

    --For Love--

    My Signature Images

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    Default Re: [SFSGA] shoutsofdavid VS chrisdudes VS light

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