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    Default [SFSGA] sweetie_rika VS instilledbee VS filbryant

    Usually a forum member's enthusiasm or interest in graphic arts started on creating forum avatars and signature images. So for this round, the Battle Round, our participants will submit these entries:

    3 Avatars (100x100 px)
    2 Signature Images (400x150 px)

    Our theme for this round is Movie. So your 5 entries should be related to 1 movie of choice. If for example you chose Harry Potter, then the 3 avatars and 2 signature images that you will submit must be related to Harry Potter. We will be strict this time, incomplete number of entries will automatically disqualify a participant.

    Battle Round Deadline: 22nd September 2007 23:59 GMT+8

    The competitors for this group:
    • sweetie_rika
    • instilledbee
    • filbryant
    Anyone may post their comments here only after all the competitors for this group had submitted their entries.

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    Default Re: [SFSGA] sweetie_rika VS instilledbee VS filbryant

    here are my entries.. sa mga entries ko the movie i thought of was Transformers.. hehe.. and I focused on one of its main characters, Optimus Prime.

    for the entries I mostly used C4Ds and some vector brushes... the backgrounds were simply gradients, except for the 2nd sig which was made with simple mouse clicks and a lens flare.



    of course the last set of images are already my signature
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    Hats Off Re: [SFSGA] sweetie_rika VS instilledbee VS filbryant


    feat. Orlando Bloom

    ::my entries:



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    Default Re: [SFSGA] sweetie_rika VS instilledbee VS filbryant

    here is mine... still hot... just finished...

    My Favorite: ONG BAK


    Last edited by filbryant; 23rd Sep 2007 at 00:01.

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