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    Default Re: how to do digital top box unlock

    Quote Originally Posted by WakaTok View Post
    bat yung iba saki nayaw gumana?
    Hi TS, just ask ano gamit mo antenna dyan sa area mo indoor o outdoor?if outdoor eto ilipat yng focus nito pamanila na area den rescan ka ulit para makakuha ng channels na bago dyan at dapat walang harang sa line of sight dyan ok den update me lng at tuloy2 update lng mga guys dito sa forums TY and more power to us!

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    Default Re: how to do digital top box unlock

    Quote Originally Posted by top itthipat View Post
    Hi guys,

    Need some help with this... Familiar ba kayo sa "mahiwagang black box" ? Commonly known as sky tv plus top box.

    Para saan ba ito? Actually same siya ng ginagamit ng ilang cable/catv providers ang ginagawa nito is ginagawang nyang digital ang tv natin digital signals ang ginagamit nya. Sa normal antenna known as "BARON ANTENNA"we use ANALOG signals galing sa NTC provided by U.S. ngayon there's a memorandum issued by the NTC that the Philippines is switching to digital signal by 2016 last airtime ng tv stations dito sa pinas using analog signal is december 31, 2015.

    That means we need to have this digital boxes...

    Now these boxes popularly the sky tv boxes are being launched on the market now pero its expensive starting at 2000 or 2500 above. Aside sa it turns your local channels to digital may extra channels pang kasama.

    My company is an importer of container trucks loaded with imported australian items and we have a lot of digital top boxes pero hindi namin siya magamit dito sa pinas. If there is someone out there how to configure, unlock, upgrade these hd top boxes para magamit dito sa pinas, there is a GREAT FORTUNE that we can offer you.

    Thanks in advance.
    pwede ba to makasagap ng DIGI channel?

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    Default Re: how to do digital top box unlock

    Hi TS, natry nyo used yng EasyTV na Digital box this time na pero limited area meron eto pa lng at naiinput nyo yng ibang digital channels naman maliban sa default niyang channel/s bundle. Like Gma7,Ptv4,TV5,CNNPH9,Beam,Untv,Hope,Light network, net25 at ABS?Reply lng guys about this model if ok eto o hindi pa sa ngayon then tuloy updates lng guys dito sa forums about DTV sa Pinas! goodluck to us!

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    Default Re: how to do digital top box unlock

    Hi guys,ask ko lng na try nyo sa ibang brand ng Digital Box yng 5 exclusive channels ng ABS?Nakikita ba o naka encrpyted mga channels nito?Update lng kayo guys tuloytuloy dito sa forums na ok More power to us!

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    Default Re: how to do digital top box unlock

    hi guys, dati nagstart ko yng default antenna lng ng tv plus gamit ko at tsaka nagoutdoor na ko para makuha yng ibang channels at nakatutok pa manila area eto yng antenna. More than 2 yrs na yng tv plus ko gamit na din dito sa area ko cavite. Continue update lng guys about DTV sa pinas dito sa forums. More power to us and goodluck!

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    Default Re: how to do digital top box unlock

    hi guys,may update na kayo sa CNNPH bakit nakaoffline na ulit etong channel?may maintenence ba o may inaayos sa Digital signal muna nila?tuloy lng update guys dito about DTV sa Pinas ok! Goodluck and more power to us!

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