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    Coffee samsung corby 2 reflashing problem

    mga ka symb...
    help naman po..

    i cant figure out the problem of my corby 2 phone..
    after installing the firmware using multiloader, stock up po sa samsung logo..
    i dont know any solution to this...

    maraming salamat po sa mga astig na taong tutulong..


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    Default Re: samsung corby 2 reflashing problem

    wrong section but I hope this will help.

    Bootlooped na ang phone mo (softbricked), something goes wrong during flashing. ( corrupted files, incomplete, etc )

    Flash mo na lang ulit using ODIN, look for stock rom na maayos at may positive comments bago mo i DL.

    sana makatulong... Goodluck and do it at you're own risk.

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    Default Re: samsung corby 2 reflashing problem

    flash mo ulit using multiloader bka corrupt ung files n naiflash mo download k ulit i think mga 80mb plus un

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