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    Default [SFSGA] Final Round

    At last, we are now on to our Final Round. This is great since none of you is a member of any Mobilarian Group right now so you will enjoy more the incentives of being a group member. Since you will be the next Graphic Artist of Mobilarian, we expect you to be adept in working on a bigger canvass. So this time, you need to submit this entry:

    1 Desktop Wallpaper (at least 1024x768 px)

    Our theme for this round is Anime, Cartoons or E-Games. We would like it to be easier for you to work on, so based on your previous entries we chose a category which we thought you'll find it interesting.

    Battle Round Deadline: 2nd October 2007 23:59 GMT+8

    The winner of the Final Round will be the overall champion of our contest and will be declared as the newest Graphic Artist of Mobilarian. The prize and awards will be given within 48 hours after the Final Round deadline.


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    Wave Re: [SFSGA] Final Round

    My Postered-Wallpaper Entry

    Prince of Persia

    "best viewed at full size"


    Sana tatlo nlng kami ang panalo... please... kunin nyo nlng kmi.. we will do our best for what the prized title stands.. cge na mga admins... huhuhu! i can't pray to myself that i want to win this contest since light and bigboii are also deserving... i humbly ask for ur consideration...

    God bless sa lahat!
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    Pray Re: [SFSGA] Final Round

    Heto na po entry ko..Sana magustuhan niyo..

    Tekken 5


    best view at 1024 X 768:
    click here to full view
    Last edited by Lance; 3rd Oct 2007 at 09:57. Reason: attached image

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    Default Re: [SFSGA] Final Round

    i call this one "THE CROSSOVER"



    sana magustuna nyo po.. its a combination of anime and CG game characters. sa tutuo lng mas nadadalian ako pag maramihang characters hirap ksing magbalance ng spaces, so more characters means less spaces. inantok ako knina sa store so i went out and played tekken5DR and saw a certain stage where feathers generate randomly every hit and it looks cool and adds drama to the scene. well guys hope you like this kayo ang inspiration ko para dito. GO TEAM!!!!

    @filbryant and Bigboii sana tyung tatlo nalang ang makuha... walang talo... pantay-pantay mga kapatid..
    Last edited by Lance; 3rd Oct 2007 at 10:00. Reason: attached image

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    nice light!! good work!! ..

    go filbryant!! I'm so happy ur be proud of team BISDAKs!! ..

    nice all works...lets raise team BISDAKS!!

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    Default Re: [SFSGA] Final Round

    Nice work light. You included 2 of my favorite anime characters. Terry and Naruto.

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    Default Re: [SFSGA] Final Round

    KOF din pala kyu sir gray ha. thanks po..

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    Default Re: [SFSGA] Final Round

    Quote Originally Posted by light View Post
    KOF din pala kyu sir gray ha. thanks po..
    Yah. I really like the Bogard brothers Terry and Andy. Especially Mai. Did you watch the Fatal Fury Movies? I really liked it and the story.

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    Default Re: [SFSGA] Final Round

    mai, for her bouncy goodness salamat po sa inyong lahat na ng participate sa event na to, rentao,bigboii,light,jovrea,sweetie_rika,instilled bee,chrisdudes,filbryant,shoutsofdavid its been an honor to witness this kind of event ako sa inyong lahat! go mga pinoys!
    Last edited by Masaya; 1st Oct 2007 at 08:26.

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    Default Re: [SFSGA] Final Round

    This one's gonna be a tight race. I'm sure the judges will have a tough time deciding who's gonna place first, second and third. You guys have really proved yourselves and showed us that youre worthy of being in the final round.

    Congratulations and good luck to filbryant, bigboii, and light.

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