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    Default [TUT] How to effectively Search for an Ebook/audiobook

    1. Make sure you have the correct infos and spelling: author, book title, book publication date
    - you can check it at goodreads, amazon, or just google it

    2. Search according to the author's name/publication date/unique keyword or keywords from the title.

    EXAMPLE #1: according to the author's name

    The Brothers' War (Magic: The Gathering: Artifacts Cycle #1) by Jeff Grubb

    search box: "Jeff Grubb" [including quotation marks]

    3. Choose only thread result/s under the right category. In this example, you need to choose only FICTION threads. Make sure the thread title is relevant and promising.

    4. In each thread you've chosen, search again: "Jeff Grubb"

    Thread 1: My Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection

    5. Click the link of the post result. If there are a lot of post results, just choose the most promising ones.

    then just scroll down a little . . .

    *if you're already satisfied with that then no need to continue to THREAD 2.

    EXAMPLE #2: according to the author's name and publication date

    The Obsession by Nora Roberts, published: April 12, 2016

    search box: "Nora Roberts" [including quotation marks]

    CATEGORIES: FICTION with last post date: April 12, 2016 - present date (you just need to look at their last post visually)

    2 page results but only 4 candidates:

    1. All Romance Collection - potential winner
    2. My Huge Non-Fiction E-book Collection II - by bulk, skip
    3. milica2992 Collection of Non-Fiction E-books - also by bulk, skip
    4. shinigami's eBookshelf [updated 10.23.07] - another potential winner

    In each potential winner thread, you need to search again: "Nora Roberts"

    Only choose the links posted april 12, 2016 - present date

    and the winner is . . .

    EXAMPLE #3: according to the unique keyword/s from the title

    The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman

    search box: "Light Between Oceans" [including quotation marks]

    *if you want another format, just use a converter.

    NOTE: if you see my FICTION THREAD or my NON-FICTION THREAD under the search results, you don't need to do extra work. All books are indexed and I'm constantly updating it. New uploads are indicated by bold fonts.
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    Default Update


    Kung sure ka sa genre ng book mo, example FICTION, punta ka sa FICTION FORUM

    - Search Forum
    - fill in keyword/s, dapat naka-enclose ng quotation marks " " ..preferably 2 to 3 words
    - kung maraming books ang author mo, mas mabuti yung title na lang ilagay mo para mas kunti ang search results
    - kung common word/s naman ang title, author na lang ilagay mo
    - tick Show Posts

    - click post title that looks promising, kung hindi ka sure, iclick mo na lang lahat ng post title results baka nakatago yung iba sa lower part ng post

    NOTE: Some books are prone to misplacement gaya ng POEMS, so kung hindi ka sure sa genre, search mo na rin sa NON-FICTION FORUM or just do the generalized searching.
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