Pls criticize this poem... i really need it thanks

The Only Side is Mine to Give up

I love you
and I will continue to
even if MY love is forbidden.
Good lord! How much love have I given?
Please forgive me for not giving up.
I know I have to like ASAP.
But I just canít obviously resist
even with your cold demeanor assist.
Obviously I am so obsessed
but in moving on Iím not the best.
Deep inside I canít let go
and if I insult, even more so.
I know in the end I will be harmed.
And with stings of love, Iíd be swarmed.
But itís the only way I know to live,
to give your heart and then grieve.
As you can see this may count as love letter.
But soon, I must do better
for there is no good with one-sided love.
Metaphorically, itís a ďone-wingedĒ dove.