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    Default Re: How to use PSP as Internet Browser

    OO brandnew.. Anu pong CFW sorry ndi kasi ako familiar sa mga terms at anu po meaning nf FW din thank you

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    Default Re: How to use PSP as Internet Browser

    yan ung mga custom made n firmware ng psp,hndi sony my gwa,made to run some applications on your psp including playing iso's etc.. cguro bro mgnda kng dalin mo muna cya s bnlan mo kng covered p cya ng warranty.. kng d nmn mgnda kng mgupdate k ng firmware mo.

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    Default Re: How to use PSP as Internet Browser

    I found this somewhere on the net. I hope this would help.

    Connecting to Internet/Wireless
    Creating a Wireless Network Connection

    Your PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) supports two network connection modes: Infrastructure and Ad Hoc.

    * Infrastructure Mode
    Infrastructure Mode allows you to connect your PSP® to a Wireless (WLAN) Access Point or a wireless broadband router.
    * Ad Hoc Mode
    Ad Hoc Mode allows multiple PSP® systems to communicate with each other within a limited range.

    Create a new network connection

    You can adjust network setting to connect to an access point (such as a Wi-Fi hotspot or the router on a wireless home network) and save the network connections data on your PSP®. Up to 10 connections can be saved.

    1. Select Settings Icon(Settings) from the home menu.
    2. Select Network Settings Icon(Network Settings) and press X Button.
    3. Select Infrastructure Mode or Ad Hoc Mode and press X Button.
    4. Set up the new connection.
    5. To save the new connection, press X Button.
    6. To test the connection, make sure the WLAN switch on the PSP® is turned on, then select Test Connection and press X Button.
    7. If the connection is successful, information about the network connection will appear. Press Circle Button to end the connection test.
    8. If the connection test fails, follow the on-screen instructions to check the settings. Network settings for the connections can be changed from the options menu.


    * Port Numbers
    The TCP and UDP Port numbers you will need to connect to SCEA first-party game servers are:
    o TCP Ports: 10070 - 10080
    o UDP Ports: 10070
    If you need port numbers for games published by third-party companies, you will need to contact them directly for additional information.
    * Online Requirements
    PSP® online connectivity requires internet service and network devices, such as a DSL or cable modem and a wireless router - for example, a Wi-Fi hotspot at a café or a wireless local area network (WLAN) in your home.
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    Default Re: How to use PSP as Internet Browser

    Get Started Using the Internet Browser

    Go online and browse the World Wide Web using the PSP® internet browser.

    To connect to the internet:

    1. Check that you have your PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) system set up for Wireless (WLAN) networking in Infrastructure Mode. For more information, see Setting up Infrastructure Mode.
    2. Make sure the WLAN switch on the left side of the PSP® is turned on so that the PSP® can connect to the internet.
    3. Make sure you are within range of a wireless access point (or hotspot) that allows connections to the internet.
    4. Select Icon (WWW) under Icon (Network) from the home menu and press button.
    5. Use the up and down buttons to select the address bar and press to display the on-screen keyboard.
    6. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter the address for the web page you want to display.
    7. When you have finished entering the address, highlight the Enter button and press button.
    8. Select a connection and press button.
    9. The web page will be displayed.
    10. To hide the on-screen menu, press button.

    To close the internet connection:

    1. With a web page on the screen, press button.
    2. Select Yes and press button.
    3. The internet browser will close.

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    Default Re: How to use PSP as Internet Browser

    Quote Originally Posted by xtreme_sport17 View Post
    Bor but ganun pag nagsscan ako lumalabas
    anu meaning nun?
    please help thanks so much
    kaht me wi fi hot spot ayaw mag scan yan lumalabas
    hulaan ko, 3.71 user ka? kasi yan ang bug nang 3.71 ngayun eh, mapa Official or Custom, pag wala kang makuhang access points, imbes na magbigay ng magandang explanation, yan makikita mo.

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    Help PSP Unified Help Thread

    PSP Unified Help Thread

    Moderators Note: This is a temporary Unified Help Thread - silver_surfer

    help aman san ako makaka download ng nba live 2008 pati game sa p.c na resident evil 4 salamat sa inyo lahat.

    mahal po kasi ng bala ng psp at tska yung p.c game na resident evil po.
    Last edited by silver_surfer; 26th Jun 2009 at 11:33. Reason: merged post

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    Default Re: need help psp new game free download

    Last edited by Narelle; 20th Oct 2007 at 12:03.

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    Default Re: How to use PSP as Internet Browser

    plgay ko nga bug yan,amfufuf gnyan dn lmlbas skin d 2lad nung nsa 3.60 p aq.

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    Help How to install on PSP

    pede po bang paturo kung pano iinstall ito sa psp ko? kz pag nakalagay na po sa memory ko wala man po sya. thank you po!
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Default Re: How to install on PSP

    ask lang, anung firmware ka? and phat or slim? at buksan mo ng winrar isa dyan, tapos extract mo
    Last edited by 10k Punisher; 22nd Oct 2007 at 21:35.

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