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    Default macbook problem.

    mga sir. tanong lg po sana ako. bakit yung macbook ko nd maka copy files papunta sa external hardrive?? patulong naman poh..

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    Default Re: macbook problem.

    Is in in NTFS format? If it is then OS X won't write to it, but WILL read from it. If you have the status bar enabled in Finder you will see an edit pencil with a bar through it (an icon) in the bottom right of the finder window, indicating that you cannot edit the contents of the drive.

    You may need to format the drive to HFS+ or exFAT (FAT64) so your OS X can actually read and write to the drive; OR download and install a third party application e.g. NTFS-3G which adds a compatibility layer to support OS X (http://macntfs-3g.blogspot.com/);

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    Default Re: macbook problem.

    thank you dito sir.

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    Default Re: macbook problem.

    yun macbook ko po, gumagana yun sa volume key pero yun sa brighten at dim at yun sa backlight po ng keyboard na shortcut hindi nagana;
    ano po possible solution dun master?;

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