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Thread: Hello There...

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    Default Hello There...

    Hi! I'm new here. I planned on posting download mirror links bout the scene or p2p if its okay.

    best regards,

    P.S. sad, cant post dailyuploads links but openload is fine, its not filtered.
    dailyuploads are for my apps, games, music and ebooks while openload is for videos.

    you can find bout my foolproof post on facebook group DDropoutSquad or @ D-DoS[dot]cf.

    P.P.S. deym openload homepage is not filtered but when its a vid link... ughh! naisahan ako dun ahh. i think this forum is not for me bout posting mirror links and my own releases but ill stay for ros hacks and other useful nfos. Thank you Symb!
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