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    Default Best place to travel alone

    May suggestions ba kayu ng place to travel alone... Yung pang relax ng mind or pang soul searching lang

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    Default Re: Best place to travel alone

    Sa siargao po

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    Default Re: Best place to travel alone

    Batanes.. Yipee!

    BTW Girl kaba TS?

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    Default Re: Best place to travel alone

    Try mo magJoiner sa mga akyat sa bundok.
    Group kayo pero pwede ka namang magsolo. Hehe
    Hindi sya magastos unlike sa mga out of town vacation. Maeexercise kapa. 😄

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    Default Re: Best place to travel alone

    would you consider international travel? I usually travel alone and being in a place where minimal english is spoken is always my to go place. You discover alot about yourself, you can go at your own pace, make your own travel itineraries, and go to places that you actually want to see.

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    Default Re: Best place to travel alone

    Local lang ba or International? Magkano ang minimum budget mo?

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    Default Re: Best place to travel alone

    Three of the safest places on earth for tourists are Japan, Taiwan and Singapore if overseas travel ang gusto mo. Others are mostly in northern and eastern europe if you like to see castles and amazing scenery. Plus marami rin hiring don ng foreign workers in case you decide to stay long term.
    Last edited by TambayBlues; 1st Aug 2018 at 10:46.

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    Default Re: Best place to travel alone

    I would recommend Singapore, TS. Safe siya. Tried travelling alone and with friends sa SG and in fairness, naenjoy ko both
    Although di ko sure sa soul earching na part

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