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    Default Story of a girl who loved a man and gave her world ~

    A story of a girl who loved a man and gave her world to him yet ended with a heart that's been broken.
    I was here
    You were there
    I held your hand
    You held hers
    I want you smiling
    You want her happy
    You gave me light
    She gave you hope
    I'm looking at you
    You¡¯re staring at her
    You are my world
    She was your universe
    You stole my heart
    You ripped them apart
    Standing in the charades of life and love was never facile¡ªlet alone be it an easy thing.
    Whispering broken melodies and singing melancholic songs was a routine in my everyday living.
    I saw how she was glowing in front of your eyes.
    I saw how you worship her everything from head to toe.
    I was in the corner, watching you too. How my heart lit up whenever there is you, there is that one I adore and in my view you are present to show.
    I was there when you were crying rain from the sadness she brought your heart.
    I was there when you were out of your mind, out of control to even think about saving your life, living the world.
    I was there when no one ever cared about you, when the world was slowly drifting away from your grasp.
    I was there when the universe who you thought loved you was walking away, turning their backs on you.
    I was there.
    I held your hand tight.
    From the touch, I was in pain.
    I was burned.
    Yet one day when the skies were no longer that harsh and the rain was not pouring so hard, she came back.
    She kissed you.
    I thought you wouldn¡¯t open your arms.
    I was wrong.
    The clouds went bright.
    The rain vanished from my sight.
    The sun came into my view.
    The birds were singing, flying into different hues.
    I was here.
    Left alone with the rain pouring on only me.
    With thunders in my heart.
    That day I died.

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    Default Re: Story of a girl who loved a man and gave her world ~

    Ikaw may gawa nito ts

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