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    Pray Requesting paint tool sai crack

    Baka po may PAINT TOOL sai kayu jan yung full features wala po kc ako makita eh

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    Default Re: Requesting paint tool sai crack

    SAI is around fifty bucks and has enthusiastic followers. PaintTool Sai is my go to program for digital sketching.

    I'm currently using Paint Tool SAI with a XP-Pen Artist 13.3 Pro Drawing Pad With Screen. High resolution, good pen pressure, and a good size , it run Sai flawlessly. I'm used to it and have used it for almost all my time drawing .

    There's a lot of free alternatives too, like FireAlpaca, GIMP, Medibang, Krita, and more. I recommend trying out a few of the free ones first (some like Medibang even have apps for your phone to draw with) and going from there.

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