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    Smile Budget Earpphones

    ano po ang preferred Budget earphones na mataas ang bass and quality ng music? salamat po

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    Default Re: Budget Earpphones

    well try Philip, sennheiser, JBL by Harman, KZ series etc. Mas cheaper si JBL , Philip and KZ merong nag range ng 800-900 pesos, which a has good bass and sound depende na yan kung anung source ng music mu, never try na ripped sa youtube, spotify and Deezer pero okay naman yung na ripped sa spotify and deezer still have a decent quality

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    Default Re: Budget Earpphones

    UNDER 1000

    KZ Zs3
    AWEI es900i (awei es)
    HEEP VE monk
    VE monk

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    Default Re: Budget Earpphones

    iem recommendations po para sa acoustic music?

    - - - Updated - - -

    iem recommendations for acoustic music?

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    Default Re: Budget Earpphones

    Try to read this article, it might be helpful https://www.tomsguide.com/us/picture...p-earbuds.html Published May 7, 2018

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    Default Re: Budget Earpphones

    may nakita ko sa octagon last year, parang ipod earphones 295 ang presyo. balak ko bumili pag nakagala kasi nung bumili ako nun last time pang exchange gift ko

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