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    Default Pwede po bang makagawa ng spy cam?

    Pahelp naman po kung paano gumawa ng matinong spy camsalamat po

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    Default Re: Pwede po bang makagawa ng spy cam?

    hahaha pwede ts
    all you need is:
    1. A laptop
    2. Your droid
    3. IP webcam app (can be downloaded from playstore)

    Now follow these steps...
    1. Connect your phone and laptop to the same WiFi network (no need legit internet)
    2. Install the IP webcam app on your droid
    3. Close all other camera apps.. Force close them I mean
    4. Launch the IP webcam app.. Scroll to the bottom and tap start server
    5. The app will now fire up your phone's camera and display a URL.. Mine was
    6. Enter this URL in any browser on ur computer/laptop and hit enter
    7. In the browser, you'll see a drop down menu next to video renderer. Select browser
    8. Below that.. You will see Audio renderer. Select HTML wav.

    The game begins.. You will see a live feed in your browser. You can also record the footage via the browser. This saves the footage as mp4.

    You can also use vlc media player.. Install vlc on your computer

    Open VLC.. Go to media>network stream and enter the URL you got from the IP webcam app

    THE JUICE: when the app is running on your droid, you don't need to keep your phone's screen on.. It even works when the phone is locked.. Only that the video feed is slightly smoother with the screen on... But who cares.. Hacked footages don't require clarity
    ctto: LTN

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    Lol Re: Pwede po bang makagawa ng spy cam?

    pwedeng pwede dami ng ganyan nakakagawa sila lalo na sa kalokohan

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    Default Re: Pwede po bang makagawa ng spy cam?

    saan mo gagamitin to ts? haha

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