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    Post Transfer PSP Games from PC onto PSP

    Attach your PSP to your computer using its USB cable. If your PSP is not set to automatically enter USB mode, select "On" under "USB Auto Connect" in the "System Settings" menu. Wait for the program to recognize your device.

    Click the category you want to view on the left-hand sidebar. For purchased games, click "Downloads."

    Click the games you want to transfer onto your PSP. Hold the "Ctrl" key while clicking to select multiple games at a time.

    Transfer your files in one of four different ways: click the "Add to: PSP Memory Stick" button on the bottom of the program, drag the files onto the "PSP Memory Stick" category in the left-hand sidebar, press "Ctrl" and "T" simultaneously or right-click your selections and pick "Add to: PSP Memory Stick." Wait for the files to transfer.

    Disconnect your PSP device after the transfer bar, located on the bottom of the screen, reaches 100 percent.
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