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    Help Need guide about passcode & recovery

    Hi, my boss gave me an assignment thou i'm not a tech.
    he want me to remove the pass-code from his iPad. (gift to him)
    he forgot the apple id and pass-code.
    i already tried update & recovery but download always fail
    i registered new apple id but it can't sync with the iPad
    i also downloaded the firmware manually "iPad3,1_9.3.5_13G36_Restore.ipsw" but i don't know what to do next

    - iPad3 16gb Model A1416

    any help will be greatly appreciated
    Thanks in advanced

    ps: i think it's not jailbreaked

    - - - Updated - - -

    Figured out how to use the downloaded restore file.
    now the problem is the Activation Lock
    any tips how to remove this? TIA
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