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    Thumbsup Dear Symb - Farewell Essay Writing Contest

    Mobilarian FORUM

    proudly presents


    DEAR Symbianize!

    "A Farewell Essay Writing Contest"

    Anong meron?
    "All Things Must Past" -George Harrison

    “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” -A.A. Milne

    "Downloading na!" -AZ Peeps

    Sumulat ng isang sanaysay/essay na nagpapakita kung paano binago ng Mobilarian ang iyong buhay sa pamamagitan ng pagpapaalam

    Contest Mechanics
    • Epistolary o letter format dapat
    • English, Tagalog, at Taglish lamang ang salitang gagamitin.
    • Original at hindi kinopya. Bawal din ang Pre-made.
    • maximum of 1000 words only. Bawal ang sobra. Opo bibilangin namin

    Requirements for Joining
    • Registered member since July 2018
    • 20 posts or above
    • Isang entry lamang bawat participants
    • Ipadala or I-PM lamang kay PadrePio ang inyong entry na may subject na Farewell Contest (Send it to me as a personal message only. Make sure po na letter format yung entry, may greetings, body of letter then closing. Yung para kang sumusulat sa ex mo.)
    • Deadline of entries: August 24, 2018

    The winner will receive super awesome goodies! (secret muna kung ano-ano ang mga ito para may thrill)

    image credit kay litemint
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    Default Re: Dear Mobilarian - Farewell Essay Writing Contest

    Just a little something extra after the contest...

    All participants will be given a chance to request for a username change1.


    Request a custom user title (with HTML edit)2 if you're happy with your current username and don't want to change it anymore.

    Consider it as Mobilarian's parting gift for you. Now you might wonder, what good does that username change do if Mobilarian will retire anyway. Well, that's right, Mobilarian is retiring. There's no stopping it. What happens after that though, we leave it to your imagination.

    1 Applicable to all even to those who already changed their usernames.
    2 HTML edit includes scrolling or blinking, underlined or italic, and color of your choice.

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