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    Default User Groups Update

    You may have noticed all joinable User Groups were disbanded. We needed to do so to re-assess the availability and activity of the groups and its members. Groups must update their policies in accordance to the new Forum Rules if necessary. And of course verify if the groups still satisfy the following qualifications:

    • duties and responsibilities of the group must be beneficial to the site or its users
    • group must have at least 3 active members but not more than 10, including the Group Leader
    • all group members must have existing original posts related to the group's duties and responsibilities

    All remaining active members of a certain group may regroup as long as the required number of members is still met. If not, or no member is currently active anymore, anyone who wishes to revive a certain group may gather new members and submit a request with the following information:

    • Group Name
    • Objective
    • Duties and Responsibilities
    • Membership Requirements
    • Group Leader
    • Group Members

    Similarly, anyone who would like to start a new user group may also follow the above procedure and qualifications.

    Use the PM (private messaging) system to gather members and discuss about the group. Once everything is finalized, you may post your request here... https://www.mobilarian.com/showthread.php?t=1495969

    All submitted requests are subject to review and approval by the Mobilarian Staff.

    As much as possible try to look for a non-Moderator group leader. Since we're still in transition period we want our Moderators to focus solely on moderating the forums. If it can't be helped, we could allow our Moderators (if they want to) to temporarily accept the group leader position but should hand it over to someone else in the group after 30 days, at most. That should be enough time for potential replacement to learn the ropes.

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