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Thread: How to Close or Reopen Own Thread

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    Default How to Close or Reopen Own Thread

    1. 1st Option

    Quote Originally Posted by Lance View Post
    In case you don't know, you can close or open your own thread. You can use it if your inquiry is answered, prevent spam replies while you're away, or for whatever reason you may have.

    Keep in mind though that you must not reopen a thread closed by Moderators unless you have their permission. Otherwise, you will be sanctioned for disregarding their authority.

    To access it, go to the thread and click the Administrative dropdown link (located on top of the 1st post of the page between the Thread Tools and Search Thread dropdown links. See the screenshot below.

    2. Alternative way. Go to the forum where
    thread is located. Double click on the envelope icon as a shortcut to open/closed the thread.

    3. 3rd Option. Go to your own thread then click reply to thread. See the screenshot below.

    This is only applicable to the thread you started, you cannot close the thread started by other members.
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