User tags will allow us to mention a particular user in our post. It is similar to twitter tags. Except, we have to end it with a semicolon ( ; ) so it won't affect the posting of email addresses. Use the code below to tag a user.


Just replace username with the username of someone you would like to tag. It is not case-sensitive. BUT don't forget the semicolon at the end or it won't work.

The code will be converted to a clickable link to the profile of the user you tagged. This will also generate a forum notification (similar to friend request), shoutbox notification, and desktop notification to inform the tagged user that someone mentioned him/her in a post.

@the mobilarian; will result to @The Mobilarian; (success, lowercase don't matter)
@THE MOBILARIAN; will result to @The Mobilarian; (success, uppercase don't matter)

@the mobilarian will result to @the mobilarian (fail, it should end with semicolon)
@themobilarian; will result to @themobilarian; (fail, no existing user)

Take note though that we can tag ourselves in our own post but we won't be receiving any notification.