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    Wave Suggest New User Titles

    We are currently planning to overhaul the current user titles in place here in Mobilarian. These are the bits of text you see below a member's username when they post. These user titles change depending on the user's post count. Here is an example:

    We would like to gather your suggestions for new user titles. This is a great chance to become part of Mobi's history and if your suggestions are chosen, be known as the member who made the user titles for our forum.

    For everyone's reference, here are the current user titles:

    Heir of the Gods
    Jubilant Heir of Dionysus
    Devoted Heir of Hephaestus
    Glorious Heir of Demeter
    Vigorous Heir of Artemis
    Radiant Heir of Apollo
    Witty Heir of Hermes
    Desirable Heir of Aphrodite
    Brilliant Heir of Athena
    Relentless Heir of Ares
    Faithful Heir of Hera
    Almighty Heir of Poseidon
    Omnipotent Heir of Zeus

    Note: If you will suggest new user titles, please post it in a set of 12 titles or more (the more, the better)

    You may post your suggestions here.
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