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    Lightbulb New Sets of Default Avatars

    We are adding more default avatars for everyone to use. If you have something you wanna share with our fellow Mobilarians,
    whether your own creation, or something you picked up somewhere, you are welcome to submit them.

    We are accepting 3 different sizes of avatar sets with the following limits:

    WxH - filesize limit
    100x100 - 50KB
    128x128 - 100KB
    150x200 - 200KB

    Either set of all animated avatars, or all static avatars. Follow the link below to submit your avatar sets and get a chance to be part
    of Mobilarian's history.

    Users Feedback thread link:
    Last edited by The Mobilarian; 11th Oct 2018 at 14:26. Reason: filesize limit update

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    Default Re: Mobi Needs New Sets of Avatars

    Three (3) avatar sets added courtesy of our fellow Mobilarians. All sets are available to everyone.
    Go to Edit Avatar page then click the Avatar Category dropdown to show these new sets.

    You may also submit avatar sets, just make sure the avatars are within the acceptable size.
    Kindly read the post above for more details.

    The 150x200 avatar set below is NOT available to regular members.

    Last edited by The Mobilarian; 11th Oct 2018 at 22:12. Reason: new set added

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