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    Read Moderator Trainee Application

    Some of us might be wondering what set of skills is needed to become Mobilarian Moderator. Actually we don't need special skills to be one. All we need is proper understanding of the rules we're going to enforce. Given the proper guidance, a high school dropout could equally be as effective as a PhD. And no forum site is alike, each has its own rules and style of forum management. So being a moderator or administrator in another site is not really an advantage.

    In one (1) month Moderator Trainees (MTs) will be taught how to be an effective Mobilarian Moderator. During that period MTs will learn when to close a thread, why stick a thread, what post to edit or delete, which thread goes where, how to deal with abusive members, etc. After a month, depending on MT's performance, there are three possible outcomes:

    • Training is completed. MT will be announced as the newest member of the Staff and will be granted Moderator status.
    • Training is extended. Some MTs learn faster than others, or due to unforeseen circumstances training might also encounter some delays.
    • Training is terminated. MTs will be able to gauge themselves, and one way or another they will know if they're fit for the job or not.

    If you're interested, kindly read the next post.

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    Default Re: Application for Moderator Trainees

    Moderator Trainee Qualifications

    • should be proactive and willing to spend more time in Mobilarian Forum
    • must have forum awareness (fully familiar with the rules and forums they wish to moderate)
    • been a Mobilarian member for over a month with at least 2 blocks of reputation ( )
    • preferably a PC user (moderating sometimes involves opening several windows and copy-pasting links, which is more convenient when using a desktop or laptop computer)

    How to Apply

    If you're qualified, please answer the questions below. No silly or company manager level questions, just plain and simple, we even provided sample answers. This is just to give us an idea of your surfing habits here so we'll know where to assign you if chosen.

    1. On average, how often do you login here in Mobilarian? (ex. 3 hours a day & 5 days a week, or, 10 hours a day & 2 days a week, etc)
    2. What time do you usually login (in Philippine time)? (ex. 8am-10am & 9pm-12pm, or, 10am-5pm, etc)
    3. Where do you usually login? (ex. home, work, school, internet shop, etc)
    4. In what areas of Mobilarian are you most active (ex. Tones & Audios, Console Gaming, General Chat, etc)?
    5. What do you use to connect to the internet (ex. PC, tablet, mobile phone, etc)?

    Follow this link then create a thread entitled 'Moderator Trainee Application' and post your answers....
    https://www.mobilarian.com/forumdisplay.php?f=54 (MT Application forum)

    MT Application is a private forum. No one will see your post or thread except you and the Trainee Coordinator. If you have any inquiries regarding Moderator Training, you may also post there.

    Again, please take note of the qualifications above, your application thread will be deleted if you don't have at least 2 blocks of reputation like this...


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