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    Celebrate Mobilarian Signature of the Week #01 Contest [HALLOWEEN]



    Hello! Mobilarian brings you back the fun and excitement for Signature of the Week Contest or SOTW.

    Theme Description
    Halloween—the night of 31 October when children dress in special clothes and people try to frighten each other

    Sample Deviation

    The signature you will make must follow the guidelines we have set. Here are the guidelines:
    • The signature must be 400(W) x 150(H) FIXED.
    • The artwork must not be larger than 100.0 KB.
    • The artwork must abide by the Mobilarian Forum Guidelines.
    • The artwork must abide by the theme set by the contest host, and (if provided) must contain any required elements (text, brush, render, stock, etc.)
    • The signature must not be premade (i.e., done before the beginning of the contest.)
    • The contestant must have at least 50 posts, and joined Mobilarian 2 months before the contest.
    • Contestants are allowed to use other renders, vectors, or graphics as part of the focal (or main subject) for their entry, but the main stock must be of great influence to the entry and must be clearly seen by the viewers.
    • Animation is not a requirement.
    • Contestants must submit their final ARTWORK in either PNG, JPEG or GIF format together with the .PSD file along with the image link (e.g imgur.com/sotw) for inspection via PM. FAILURE to upload or share the Image link are automatic disqualified. You must upload to any Image Hosting Site.
    • DO NOT PUT YOUR USERNAME, NAME, or any word that could show/reveal your identity.
    • The entry must have the Mobilarian.com / MOBI / Mobilarian tag..
    • Campaigning your entries in any form (Private Messaging, Posting, Shoutbox, etc) is not allowed in any manner inside and outside Mobilarian.com Premises. Anyone caught will receive a -30 reputation points, will be disqualified, and will be banned in all Mobilarian Graphics Contests.
    • On the other hand, those who will report anyone campaigning their entries will receive a +10 reputation points.
    • Entries not in compliance with the required resources and guidelines will have their entries disqualified.
    • If you, in any case, need to edit your entry, please notify the contest host first before doing so. You are allowed three (3) number of edits only, after which you will not be allowed to edit your entry even if you notify the host..
    • Once the submission of entry closes, the voting will start.

    1st Place: +100 reputation points and 100php worth of load to any network
    2nd Place: +50 reputation points
    3rd Place: +30 reputation points
    Non-winning qualified entries will receive +10 reputation points

    Criteria For Judging
    45% - Theme Significance
    20% - Artwork Balance
    20% - Voting Thread
    15% - Flexibility on Resources Used
    *Judges will be selected randomly from Mobilarian Staff.

    START: October 31, 2018
    END: November 4, 2018 (12:00 NN, GMT +8)

    so you need to submit you entry on or before November 4, 2018 (12:00 NN, GMT +8).
    Any change in schedule will be accordingly stated.

    Discussion Thread
    Information, comments or if you have any question(s) regarding the contest, kindly visit the official discussion thread [click me].

    Good luck to all participants!

    Good luck to all participants!

    Mobilarian Staff and the contest host reserve the right to remove and/or disqualify any contest entry at their discretion. The deadlines of the events, the rules, and the prizes may be changed accordingly, so please be updated as the contest host will not be responsible in notifying you. The Mobilarian Staff and the host reserve the right to withhold the contest winner of his/her prize as they see fit.
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    Default Re: Mobilarian Signature of the Week #01 Contest [HALLOWEEN]

    Submission of entries for SOTW [HALLOWEEN] is now officially closed.
    Please wait for further announcements.
    Thank you!

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