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    Default [VOTING] Mobilarian Signature of the Week #01 [HALLOWEEN]



    This is the official voting thread for the Mobilarian SOTW #01. This is the place where we, the Mobilarian members, will vote who will win..

    Here are the voting guidelines for this contest:

    • Only users registered on or before August 31, 2018 are the ones eligible to vote.
    • Users registered after August 31, 2018 are not allowed to vote.
    • Users aware of all the Mobilarian Forum Guidelines are the only qualify to vote.To ensure this,users must have at least 300 posts or must wear a user tittle of:
      -Witty Heir of Hermes
      -Desirable Heir of Aphrodite
      -Brilliant Heir of Athena
      -Relentless Heir of Ares
      -Faithful Heir of Hera
      -Almighty Heir of Poseidon
    • Users with these user tittles are not allowed to vote:
      -Jubilant Heir of Dionysus
      -Devoted Heir of Hephaestus
      -Glorious Heir of Demeter
      -Vigorous Heir of Artemis
      -Radiant Heir of Apollo
    • User must post in this thread, stating the entry number and his/her "Reason" for voting for the entry.
      I vote entry #___ because of it's
      -Unique Design and Simplicity
      -Blinding and color combination
      -Good Manipulation
    • Users who do not vote ther entry SPECIFICALLY will have their votes NULLIFIED!!!
      sample: choosing many entries
      I vote entry #20 because I amaze it.

      but i also like I entry #30 because of its simplicity

      & also the entry #40 because its very eye catching entry.
    • Users are obliged to vote for ONE (1) entry only specifically
    • Users must only POST THEIR CLEAR VOTES, NOTHING ELSE DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR "OPINIONS" of other entries, only entries that you wish to VOTE ARE ALLOWED.
    • Comments and Critics in other entries are not allowed
    • Users who do not follow these guidelines on their vote will have their votes NULLIFIED
    • As stated in the Submission entry Thread you are not allowed to Campaign your entry in any way inside and outside Mobilarian Premises, those who are caught campaigning will have their entry DISQUALIFIED from the contest and will receive a -30 reputation points.
    • On the other hand, those who will report anyone campaigning
    • their entries will receive a +10 reputation points.

    1st Place: +100 reputation points and 250php worth of load to any network
    2nd Place: +50 reputation points and 30php worth of load to any network
    3rd Place: +30 reputation points and 20php worth of load to any network
    Non-winning qualified entries will receive +10 reputation points

    Criteria For Judging
    45% - Theme Significance
    20% - Artwork Balance
    20% - Voting Thread
    15% - Flexibility on Resources Used
    *Judges will be selected randomly from Mobilarian Staff.

    START: November 5, 2018
    END: November 9, 2018 (23:59, GMT +8)

    cast your VOTE on or before November 9, 2018 (11:59pm PST).
    Votes beyond the specified time will not count. Any change in schedule will be accordingly stated.










    Good luck to all participants!

    Good luck to all participants!

    Discussion Thread
    Information, comments or if you have any question(s) regarding the contest, kindly visit the official discussion thread [click me].

    Mobilarian Staff and the contest host reserve the right to remove and/or disqualify any contest entry at their discretion. The deadlines of the events, the rules, and the prizes may be changed accordingly, so please be updated as the contest host will not be responsible in notifying you. The Mobilarian Staff and the host reserve the right to withhold the contest winner of his/her prize as they see fit.
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    Default Re: [VOTING THREAD]Mobilarian Signature of the Week #01 [HALLOWEEN]

    at dahil na DQ yong binoto ko ang bagong boto ko ay mapupunta kay entry #1


    goodluck sa lahat
    Last edited by borgyliciouxs; 7th Nov 2018 at 18:37. Reason: change vote

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    What Re: [VOTING THREAD]Mobilarian Signature of the Week #01 [HALLOWEEN]

    The voting I choose is #3
    Every halloween events/stories or decorations has a skeleton and cross image so popular to everyone and also wearing at the costume party, nice editing, black is best color for halloween, the colors are amazing , it can be place on your desktop, or Background for every events you have. Simple but Scary...

    Awooooo.... Good luck.... Happy Haloween Everyone. Vote for #3, its cool....
    Last edited by YukihiroKristine18; 5th Nov 2018 at 21:41.

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    ☠️☠️☠️👻☠️☠️☠️ Rey is offline Male

    Default Re: [VOTING THREAD]Mobilarian Signature of the Week #01 [HALLOWEEN]

    I'm voting for entry #5
    1. Significant to the theme
    2. Looks like it's made from scratch
    3. Love the concept

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    Default Re: [VOTING THREAD]Mobilarian Signature of the Week #01 [HALLOWEEN]

    +1 vote for entry #4
    Ganda flawless ang dating
    Right combination and blending of stocks
    Pasok sa banga halatang mamaw to sa PS

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    Default Re: [VOTING THREAD]Mobilarian Signature of the Week #01 [HALLOWEEN]

    My vote goes to entry # 3

    1. Catchy because in every haloween party it's normal to everyone to become a grim reaper for an hour because they want it.

    2. The word "Are you alone?" is leaving a mystery in your mind, what would you think if you read it with a picture of a skeleton with cross and bats and a moon on the background and the lights are off. Scary isn't it?

    3. The one who create the theme is very observant.

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    Default Re: [VOTING THREAD]Mobilarian Signature of the Week #01 [HALLOWEEN]

    1 vote for entry #5

    Good Color Combination
    Mas malapit sa theme kasi nasa Sementeryo
    Overall maganda siya

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    ●ℋℴ𝓅ℯ𝓁ℯ𝓈𝓈 ℛℴ𝓂𝒶𝓃𝓉𝒾𝒸● B L U E is offline Male

    Default Re: [VOTING THREAD]Mobilarian Signature of the Week #01 [HALLOWEEN]

    ` I vote entry #6 because of it's
    * Simplicity and Catchy
    * Gusto ko ng ganito medyo pambata pero nakakatakot
    * Nandyan si Kabayan

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    Default Re: [VOTING THREAD]Mobilarian Signature of the Week #01 [HALLOWEEN]

    +1 vote Entry #5
    Good color combination and unique design.

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    Default Re: [VOTING THREAD]Mobilarian Signature of the Week #01 [HALLOWEEN]

    +1 entry #3. Nagustohan ko lang ang paglagay ng kulay. Ang ganda ng pagkalagay ng name nitong site
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