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    Default Illegal ba ang vpn?

    May nag chat kase sakin na illegal daw ang pag share ng VPN sa PUBLIC.

    Pwede po ba natin i share to sa publiko?
    Ayon daw sa Republic Act 10175 chapter II section 4 a-1

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    Default Re: Illegal ba ang vpn?

    Illegal naman talaga ang VPN,
    Hacking tool yan eh.. haha

    Pero dahil hacker tayo.. sino nga ba naman ang di masisiyahan
    kung pinakikinabangan naman natin yan.. haha
    problema na yan ng mga companyang nahahack
    kung pano nila ma sososlutionan na ma block ang mga VPN

    Ayon kay Google

    "virtual private network
    A virtual private network (VPN) is a technology that creates a safe and encrypted connection over a less secure network, such as the internet. VPN technology was developed as a way to allow remote users and branch offices to securely access corporate applications and other resources.

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    Default Re: Illegal ba ang vpn?

    hndi po illegal ang vpn..nakadipindi un sa pag gamit.
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    Default Re: Illegal ba ang vpn?

    hindi illegal ang VPN. nagagamit lang as tool do to things na 'hindi patas'.

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    Default Re: Illegal ba ang vpn?

    legal nman yan. like dito samin sa company gumagamit kami ng vpn, need namin ng china ip para makaaccess kami sa mga bangko ng china.

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    Default Re: Illegal ba ang vpn?

    It actually depends on how the user uses it.

    With but a few exceptions (such as Iran), VPN use is legal everywhere in the world. Furthermore, there are no restrictions in place on how you can use your VPN service. Most VPN services will provide various methods to secure your identity while you’re connected as a way to guarantee you’ll stay safe and anonymous.

    While the use of a VPN is perfectly legal, any illegal activity carried out online will remain illegal regardless of whether you use a VPN or not. For example, while a VPN may cover your tracks and keep your activity hidden from your internet provider, torrenting unsanctioned copyrighted material while using a VPN doesn’t it legal.

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    Help Re: Illegal ba ang vpn?

    ano po ang the best na vpn software?

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    Default Re: Illegal ba ang vpn?

    Quote Originally Posted by look View Post
    ano po ang the best na vpn software?
    HMA, nord, at hotspot ang magaganda ngayon.

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    Default Re: Illegal ba ang vpn?

    Nope - Hindi illegal ang VPN. ang mga offshore offices like BPO and alike are using VPN to securely connect to the mainframe / system.HOW you would use it makes it illegal.
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    Default Re: Illegal ba ang vpn?

    karamihan na kasi pag sinabing VPN eh free internet ang alam nila. Yung mga Anti virus na ngayon may offer na cla vpn

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