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    Hats Off Donation to Mobilarian Forum

    Mobilarian is a non-profit website and is not connected to any business or company. The service we provide is free but maintaining the site is not. Over the years we have amassed significant amount of data and some of which are even over a decade old. Maintaining decent servers capable of processing and delivering these data to us at reliable speed is not cheap.

    Since the beginning we rely primarily on advertisements to raise funds. But contrary to popular belief, we do not earn enormously from these ads. Especially now that ad blocking is very common. Not to mention the ad offers we're receiving is very limited since Mobilarian is exclusive only for Filipinos and majority of language used throughout the forums is in local dialect. Most advertisers would prefer promoting their products and services to sites with English-only contents and on a wider range of audiences.

    So there are times we have less ads or encounter issues with our advertisers and run short of funds. There are also instances we needed to hire professionals to help us resolve advanced technical issues, create new forum skin, add new features, etc. That's where Mobilarian could use our help. Our donation no matter how small or big will go a long way. It will be added to our contingency fund which will be used for such incidents. So everytime we see updates such as new features, new design, faster loading and other improvements, we could proudly say to ourselves that our donation made those things possible.

    Kindly proceed to the next post for donation options.

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    Default Re: Donation to Mobilarian Forum

    You may send your donations to Mobilarian Forum through PayPal, GCash, Western Union and other money transfer services.

    PayPal and Credit Card

    Donations via Credit Card or Paypal is safe and secure. Transaction is done entirely on PayPal site. Click the button above to proceed.

    Globe GCash and Coins.ph

    You don't need to be a Globe user to use GCash. Non-Globe users or even those who doesn't have cellphone can send their donations via GCash. There is no fee when sending your donation via GCash. Click the GCash button above to proceed.

    You may also use your Coins.ph funds to donate via GCash. Click here to learn how to transfer coins.ph funds to any GCash number. Recipient's name is Mobilarian Forum.

    Western Union and other money transfer services

    We currently don't accept donations through bank transfer due to higher transfer fee and lack of personnel to monitor and maintain bank accounts. Instead of bank transfer, we recommend Western Union. For domestic money transfer, it would only cost you P5 for amounts not more than P500, and P15 for amounts ranging from P501 to P1000 (click here to know more). For overseas transfers, visit their site or any Western Union nearest you. You may also use other money transfer services such as ML Kwarta Padala, Cebuana Lhuillier Pera Padala, Palawan Express, etc.

    Designated person to pickup donations varies periodically. Kindly PM Lance for recipient details. Lance set his option to receive PM from his contacts only, you need to add Lance to your contact list so you could send him a PM.

    There's no minimum donation. We'll appreciate any amount you are willing to spare. We'll keep a record of your donations and when it reached P1000 or $20, as a way of acknowledging your contributions, you will be included to our Mobilarian VIP group.
    Salamat po.

    You may post your comments here...

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