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    Default Re: [Day12] 12 Days of Christmas (FREE Mobi Shop Items)

    congrats sa mga nakakuha ng change username! at thanks for this kind of event

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    Default Re: 12 Days of Christmas (FREE Mobi Shop Items)

    Happy New Year, Mobilarians!

    And that concludes our 12 Days of Christmas event!
    We wish you all good health, happiness, and success!

    All Contributors, VIPs, and Staff members will receive exclusive group-colored username item as a bonus. If you belong to
    several groups you will receive one for each group. This item is similar to Day 4 Colored Username item but with longer
    duration and the color matches your usergroup.

    To activate this item, go to Mobi Shop Inventory page and check the Active box corresponding to the item you wish to use.
    You might also need to uncheck the other colored username items (if there's any) to fully apply the effect of your chosen item.
    By default, Bronze Contributors have no access to Mobi Shop so they need to choose between the two items available to them,
    after January 10, 2019 they won't be able to change the selection anymore.

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