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    Help NComputing Problem

    ayaw po mag open sa windows ang mga client,, paano po configuration nito. 1 server-6 client.. may tutorial po ba nito? sana may makatulong. thanks po

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    Default Re: NComputing Problem

    may IP assign kasi dapat yan .. ask ko din anong model ng client mo

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    Default Re: NComputing Problem

    Nag iimplement kami ng NComputing sa mga Computer Laboratories (L300 and RX300)

    Supported OS:

    Processor (i7 7th gen suggested)
    RAM (min req 16gb, kaya na yan kahit sabay sabay ng phophotoshop)

    Simple Steps:
    A. Set-up Server
    1. Install OS supported by Ncomputing
    If your using windows 7 SP1 (need iwindows update dahil di sya gagana)
    The rest will work naman
    2. Install all drivers
    3. Create account on https://www.ncomputing.com
    4. Download and Install vspace software (depend on the Ncomputing model and OS you will use)
    5. Once installed activate vspace by registering it online.
    6. Create user accounts with password (account name = password; example: username : PC01 pass = PC01)
    This will auto login your client pc
    7. Add user accounts in remote setting (right click my computer then remote settings)
    8. Install apps

    B. Set-up Client PC
    1. Press ESC key to enter the firmware
    2. Select Device Setup
    3. Select Manage Group menu
    4. Create a Group for your server
    5. Select Login Settings menu
    6. Enable USB
    7. Enable Automatic Login settings
    8. Enter user and password (same based on what you created in the server)
    9. Set Video setting 1366 x 768 (it depends on your monitor)
    10. Select NEVER in sleep if idle for
    11. Select Network menu
    12. Set dynamic or static
    13. Enter client PC name
    14. *You must create a password for the firmware
    15. Save
    16. Update the firmware

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    Default Re: NComputing Problem

    Pre, dapat mag assign k ng ip sa pinaka server mo.. Anu bang setup mo. Switch lng o switch tpos my router kpa?

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    Default Re: NComputing Problem

    Hi TS, long time ncomputing implementor here (8yrs) baka makatulong ako...please elaborate your concern.

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    Default Re: NComputing Problem

    URGENT mga boss, pa tanong, paano mag step-up school computer laboratory sana

    - 1 server with 15 clients (Hopefully running win10. Pero ok lang din win7). Ano ang recommended server specs? or ano masuggest ninyo na server to client ratio? basic programs lang gagamitin ng Elementary tapos sa JHS - MS OFFICE 2013, PHOTOSHOP CC, VISUAL STUDIO 2008 and AFTER EFFECTS.

    - five user accounts sana namely: Elementary, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10. gusto ko sana, yung programs/applications lang ng grade level ang pwede nila ma-access.

    - Lagyan ko sana ng deep freeze pra sigurado na walang virus. Is it possible or compatible? (I'm thinking na sa Flash drive lang sila mag save ng work nila.)

    Salamat mga bossing!!!

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    Wave Re: NComputing Problem

    Ncomputing L300 gamitin mo
    Pwd na Core i3 8th gen., atleast 16 gb Ram, Lan Card na Gigabit. atleast 1T na hard disk or SSD Switch Hub na gigabit, kaya na yan 10 users kung may malaking budget mas maganda taasan mo pa specs. ng server mo.

    How to install In computing??

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