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    Pray [HELP] - VB.NET Display data on textbox on junction table.

    I already fixed my problem Thanks.

    Hello guys pwedeng magpatulong. Gusto ko sana i display yung list ng subject ng student base sa student ID nya.

    Ito ang table ko

    Student , subject_bsit , student_subject ito yung junction table.

    Query ko
    sql = "SELECT subject_name " & _
                " FROM student_subject " & _
                " INNER JOIN subject_bsit ON subject_bsit.subject_id = student_subject.sub_id" & _
                " where student_subject.student_id='" & tbox_studentID.Text & "'"
    My vbcode still error
    cmd = New MySqlCommand(sql, myconn)
            dr = cmd.ExecuteReader
            Dim cnt As Integer = 1
            While dr.Read = True
                Dim txt As TextBox = DirectCast(Controls.Find(String.Format("text{0}", cnt), False).FirstOrDefault(), TextBox)
                txt.Text = dr(0).ToString()
                cnt += 1
            End While

    Thank you so much ang gusto ko lang gawin is i display ko sa textbox yung bawat subject base sa student ID .
    baka tnungin nyo ako bakit hindi datagrid view im working in something na hindi po datagrid view ang sagot marmaing salamat po.
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