[TUT][FIX]Patch cracked iPA File before installing to avoid crashing

Are you experiencing crashing of games/apps after installing a cracked version of a game or app? If YES!

Try This:

Tweak: iPAPatcher

Repo: https://level3tjg.github.io

You need to install from Cydia

1. Filza
2. NewTerm
3. Apple File Conduit 2


1. Download and cracked iPA file (check mu signature for cracked games and applications)
2. Place the cracked iPA file inside your device where you can easily remember the location.
3. Go the location of your ipa file using Filza, tap on Edit - tap on the circle of your ipa file - then tap on copy (lower left corner of your screen)
4. Now open NewTerm, type in "su" (without " ") - then your password (by default is alpines)
5. When successfully access your root, type in "ipapatcher" then space then press and hold your finger on the cursor then choose paste - then ENTER
6. Wait until it finishes patching your ipa file
7. Go back your Filza and go the patched folder, and install the iPA File.
8. Enjoy!


Tested on my iPhone 7 iOS 11.4. iPhone 6s iOS 12.1.1 B3 Both UnCover Jailbroken.

Video from my devices.