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    Default Paano kaya ayosin ito?

    Kapag click ko GTA V ay yan lumalabas.

    The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b).

    Yung ibang games tulad ng assasins creed origins, far cry 5 at iba ay ok naman sila.
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    Default Re: Paano kaya ayosin ito?

    try mong reinstall gta 5 boss

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    Default Re: Paano kaya ayosin ito?

    Such error usually appears when you really try to install something like 64 bit game on 32 bit system for example. What you need to do is finally obtain 64 bit windows cause now it's already like 2019 year and it's time for it to change for you

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    Default Re: Paano kaya ayosin ito?

    Ano pong operationg system mo TS? win 7, 8, or 10? kailangan nyo pong mag update ng software such as directx and net framework

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