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    Read Oppo A3S Storage alternative fix *no root needed

    Hi folks!

    I know for a fact that our A3s offers a great deal of bang for the buck specs: Screensize, battery (2 days no charging is a "wow"!), processor and GPU (Adreno 506). The only downside is the RAM and internal storage. Well yeah, let's admit the fact that its main weakness is the multitasking part due to the 2GB RAM, but as for the storage (16GB with 7GB plus usable), we can still do something about that.

    - DIAYOR - "Do it at your own risk".
    - YWINV - "Your warranty is now voided"
    - BACKUP your SD card as it will be formatted during the process

    - Oppo A3s

    - Windows PC / Lappy with ADB installed (if you don't know what's this, you may search to our very informative website)

    - MicroSD (at least class 10 for less lag)

    - USB cable

    - Ability to follow instructions (kidding!)

    Let's start:

    - Download the attachment and extract adb.zip to your desktop (for easy access)

    - Enable developer options on your phone
    > Settings > About phone > tap "Version" 7 times

    - Go to Developer Options
    > Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options

    - Enable "USB Debugging" and "OEM Unlock"

    - Plug your phone to PC / Lappy

    - Your phone should give you prompt about authorizing USB Debugging from the current PC / Lappy
    > Just allow it

    - On PC/Lappy, go to your ADB folder and open "cmd-here" (you should get a black window)

    - On the CMD window, type in the following commands:

    >>> adb devices
    - You should see your device ID; if it shows "unauthorised", unplug your phone and plug it back - make sure you allow the debugging prompt on your phone

    >>> adb shell
    - it should show "$" on the next line

    >>> sm list-disks
    - this should show your disk ID. Mine is 179:64

    >>> sm partition disk:179:64 mixed 60
    - The "mixed 60" is the percentage partition for the external storage. In my case, 60 means that 60% of my 32gb card will be my "external storage" for pictures. The 40% will be merged to my internal.

    >>> reboot
    - this will reboot your phone to apply the changes

    - Download link2sd from playstore and go to storage info, you'll see there another partition under SD card which is the 40% of the partition of your card.

    - All the apps that will be installed moving forward will go to that partition.

    - If you want to move an existing app to the newly partitioned storage, just uninstall it and reinstall it, either via apk or playstore.

    - NOTE: Obb and data files will still remain on the internal. (still for Facebook's data and other apps, I notice that they are stored on the new partition)

    Enjoy your new device!
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    Default Re: Oppo A3S Storage alternative fix *no root needed

    bookmark muna. waiting for any feedback

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    Default Re: Oppo A3S Storage alternative fix *no root needed

    Pa bookmark muna ako nito
    Thanks ts...

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    Default Re: Oppo A3S Storage alternative fix *no root needed

    ts may naexperience ka ba na CONS ng adopt storage ? like force close ng app na nainstall? pashare naman experience ts saka sa mga nakapagtry na

    done doing your instruction sir
    in my case 64 gb yung sd ko
    tapos mixed 50
    so 32 sd internal at 32 sd external.
    nung mag patch ako ng ragranok eternal nag full ang pa din ang memory??
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    Default Re: Oppo A3S Storage alternative fix *no root needed

    sobrang thank you po sa thread na to...

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    Default Re: Oppo A3S Storage alternative fix *no root needed

    thanks sir

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    Default Re: Oppo A3S Storage alternative fix *no root needed

    Hello TS, sinunod ko po instructions pero wla pong lumabas na extra partition. Lumiit lng po ung capacity ng sd card hmm . Ptullong poo. Salamat

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    Pray Re: Oppo A3S Storage alternative fix *no root needed

    any feedback po dito? gusto ko sana itry

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by jhunventura View Post
    sobrang thank you po sa thread na to...
    gumana po sayo?

    EDIT: okay i tried it. it works!
    di mo makikita yung partition sa setting nor sa file manager.
    dapat talaga DL mo yung Link2SD sa PS.
    makikita mo dun ung free storage. naayyyyyyysssuuuuuuuu

    Thanks TS!
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