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Thread: One Day Abstain

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    Default One Day Abstain

    special request ni @sakura07

    On my way to another place
    You are not on my mind while I'm in the air
    When I reached my destination
    I forgot about you

    It's simple but looks addictive
    You're not sexy because your body is straight
    But many are obsessed with you
    There are many who do not like you but more like you

    Because every cigarette smoke comes from you
    Problem is temporary gone
    Because when I'm with you I just feel relief
    But that night I just remembered it

    When I saw a store on the island I was suddenly thinking about it
    If I take you or avoid it
    After a few seconds I decided to avoid you
    Until I forgot you

    Until I sleep I cannot think of you
    The next morning I woke up early
    I decide to go back to the store
    And asked how much

    I thought you were expensive
    It's very good to know that the price is not double
    That's why I don't have second thought
    I quickly bought you

    Hurried to leave the store and go to a place where you can smoke
    At first blow smoke coming from you
    I felt comfortable
    And it feels like that I really miss you

    But nothing is permanent in this world
    The day will come that I will forget you
    It hurts for me
    But I must accept it

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    Default Re: One Day Abstain

    Busy raw. hahaha!

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    Default Re: One Day Abstain

    Quote Originally Posted by sakura07 View Post
    Busy raw. hahaha!
    bigla akong tinopak magsulat kagabi

    sa pagbasa

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