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Thread: Weakened

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    Default Weakened

    before i start, have you ever wonder why you can't connect to people?
    even though you socialize, you talk to people, you seems to be empty?
    that's how i feel everyday...
    i don't know who to talk to...
    it's seems that no one is interested on talking to me or listen to my ideas..
    anyway, here goes...


    everyday that passes feels like an empty day
    it's like i always wake up in the vast sea
    with nothing but myself
    where i'm lost therein

    it feels like everyday i wake up
    i ended up more tired
    but luckily somehow i find strength
    i don't know where i got it but i have

    but as the day goes on
    the more i dragged myself to finish
    whatever i need to do
    the more i get weak

    i don't know how to break free
    i don't know how to release this
    it's like i'm being weakened
    day by day...
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    Default Re: Weakened

    I just noticed, it's been almost three months na pala since it was posted. Yet nobody seems to appreciate a simple but emotional poetry. Feels like the poem justified itself and you, TS. Made me wonder where is the new generation of poets of this part of Mobilarian world...

    But cheer up, bro! You just got the attention of an old poet! Just keep on sharing your thoughts. Someone else someday will be touched when they stumbled with a meaningful poem like this!

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    Default Re: Weakened

    thank you sir at nagustuhan mo yung munting gawa ko kahit may pagkabarok yung pagkakasulat,
    medyo matatagalan pa cguro bago to masundan...
    medyo hindi pa din good yung mga nangyayare sa ngayon eh...

    minsan pa, salamat ng marami sa appreciation ng munti kung gawa.....
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